2018 Graduates Earn Higher Starting Pay Than Last Year

2018 Graduates Earn Higher Starting Pay Than Last Year

Those who graduated in 2018 earned a higher starting pay than the previous year, according to the Joint Graduate Employment Survey published on Tuesday (February 26).

The survey, which polled over 10,000 fresh graduates from full-time programmes, reported that the median gross monthly salary rose to S$3,500 in 2018, higher than the S$3,400 in the previous year. The median gross monthly salaries also increased across all course clusters.

The full-time employment rate also rose to 81.2% in 2018, compared to 78.4% in 2017. Overall, 90.2% of the full-time graduates were employed in full-time, part-time, temporary or freelance work, an uptick from 88.9% in 2017.

Information and digital technologies graduates had high full-time permanent employment rates of 91.7% and a high median gross monthly salary of S$4,100.

Source: Joint Graduate Employment Survey 2018 and Channel NewsAsia


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