4 Affordable Getaway Destinations for Your Loved Ones This Holiday

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Planning on a short getaway during the school break but no idea where to? Or you’re desperately looking forward to enjoy what nature has to offer but too afraid your kids are not ready to leave their current lifestyle behind? Here are some Instagram-worthy places in Malaysia where you and your family could enjoy in style.

Perhentian Island

perhentianPerhentian Island is located at Terengganu, Malaysia. There are two main islands on perhentian, which is the Perhentian Besar, and Perhentian Kecil Island. Since it is located at the east cost, both islands are normally closed during November to February but reopens in March. This means it is the perfect time for you to visit the island now! Relax and have fun with the turquoise blue sea with activities like snorkeling, swimming or scuba diving. Other than that, you may also enjoy camping, canoeing, fishing, jungle trekking and many more. Rooms are from MYR350 (S$117) per night for a room. . If you’re planning on going with a  group of people, try splitting the rates per head. For instance, if it’s 4 people tagging in, divide S$117 by 4 then you will only need to pay S$30 per head.

Ready to be at heaven on earth? Find out more at http://www.perhentianislandresort.net.

The Banjaran Hotsprings Retreat


Fancy a getaway from your hectic life and just want to enjoy what nature has to offer? The Banjaran Hotsprings retreat is the best option for you. Known as the first luxury hotsprings in Malaysia, The Banjaran offers great retreat for you and your family such as spa & wellness treatments, luxurious accommodations, delicious cuisines and harmonious landscape surroundings. This therapeutic retreat is located in the Northern State of Ipoh, which is about a 15 minutes drive from Ipoh City, and 2 hours drive from Kuala Lumpur. The estimated rate for this amazing retreat is around S$559. If you’re planning on going with a big group of people, try splitting the rates per head. For instance, if it’s 10 people tagging in, divide S$559 by 10 then you will only need to pay S$56 per head.

You may check out their affordable retreats and travelling facilities at www.thebanjaran.com.

The Shorea Retreats


The Shorea Retreats is the ideal destination to relax and take a break from everything. The Shorea is an architect’s family retreat, built within in a tropical forest reserve. Its secluded villa surrounds nature, which is the ultimate forest gateway. This resort is fully constructed with recycled products, which proves that The Shorea Retreats is all about going green. Other than enjoying the greenery, you may enjoy outdoor activities like jungle trekking, swimming, nature walk and waterfalls. Have I mentioned that, you will be provided with a sun deck for you to enjoy the sunset? Located at Seremban, Negeri Sembilan that is about 1.5 hours drive from Kuala Lumpur at an affordable price tag starting from S$250. . If you’re planning on bringing your close relatives along, try splitting the rates per head. For instance, if it’s 6 people tagging in, divide S$250 by 6 then you will only need to pay S$42 per head.

A nature lover? Find out more at www.theshorea.com.

Sekeping Serendah


Real relaxation adventure can be a reality for you. Enjoy the real beauty of nature with Sekeping Serendah. This retreat encourages you to leave your work and social media behind due to network unavailability. Enjoy great waterfalls, lazy pool, jungle trekking, golf courses and many more. More of a lazy person? Just step out of your room and hear the sounds of the nature like birds chirping and winds blowing, which is a really good therapy. This retreat offers a pick-up service from Bangsar, with a charge of around MYR80 (S$28) per way. It would be better if you drive over there so it would be easier for you to visit places like Genting Highlands (45 minutes drive) or to Kuala Lumpur (54 minutes drive). The rate for this retreat starts from MYR 300  (S$102) for the glass box room.  . If you’re planning on going to this retreat in a group, try splitting the rates per head. For instance, if it’s 4 people tagging in, divide S$300 by 4 then you will only need to pay S$75 per head.

Ready to leave the technology world behind? Find out more at www.sekeping.com/serendah/

Worry-free vacation

Now you have options for school breaks but are you ready to travel to places with outdoor activities? Outdoor activities like jungle trekking, waterfalls and pools could be fun but we can never predict when an unexpected event is about to happen. We suggest you to take up a travel insurance for you and your family members the entire trip. Currently, HL Assurance offers 50% off its travel insurance plans! You will be insured with an instant travelling insurance coverage for travel inconveniences like flight delays loss and delay of luggage and overseas medical expenses coverage.


Are we ready for some sunshine and adventures?

Happy holiday!


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