4 Best Credit Cards for Foodies!



If food blogs and restaurant reviews are part of your regular readings, and you spend your non-eating moments planning what and where to eat next, you need to seek professional help.  For example, you could seriously consider the following credit cards, which allow you to shave off some restaurant expenditure so that you can still feel like a respectable and well-balanced individual when you see your monthly credit card statements.


American Express Platinum Credit Card

Recommended for: The atas foodie and the ones getting there

This is the best card for those who love checking out restaurants, from the mid-range to the pricey.  When you sign up for the card, you’re essentially entering two dining membership programs – the Palate Dining Privileges and The Far Card. And, this is in addition to the discounts on the American Express Selects list of restaurants in Singapore and worldwide.

The Palate Dining privileges offer up to 50% savings at selected popular restaurants, including long-time favourites like Da Paolo and ilLido. The Far Card membership gives you up to 50% on dining at 10 restaurants at Fairmont Singapore and selected hotels in the Swissotel group.

What’s also worth noting are the complimentary drinks at some of the most popular/hip/bespoke/artisanal bars like Ah Sam Cold Drink Stall and Bitters and Love.

The discounts are much better when you dine with someone and with a small group of people, which shouldn’t be a problem since having this card will make you a popular dinner buddy.

Minimum income requirement: S$50,000

Annual Fees: S$321 for basic card and S$160.50 for supplementary cards.

First two supplementary card fees are permanently waived.


OCBC 365 Credit Card

Recommended for: The eat-anything-that-moves foodie

For those who can’t be bothered checking out the list of restaurants that offer you a discount every time you want to dine, and if you eat at Pastamania a lot more often than Da Paolo, the OCBC 365 Credit Card works great.

You get 3% cashback on weekday local and overseas dining, and a good 6% on weekend dining.  This applies to all restaurants, cafes, and even fast food outlets and caterers, with the exception of those located in hotels and country clubs.

Of course, being a foodie can also mean loving to whip up your own meal. So, take heart that you also get a 3% cashback on supermarkets islandwide, which is decent if you don’t have any other cashback credit cards.

A possible bummer is that you need to spend a minimum of S$600 every calendar month, otherwise you get a cruel 0.3% cashback. But given today’s prices of eating out, this really is not that hard to achieve. If you spend $300 on weekday dining and S$300 on weekend dining a month, you get a pretty decent S$27 cashback to splash out on 9 plates of greasy hokkien mee. There’s also a cashback cap of $80 per month, so serious foodies should really take this as an alternative heart health indicator.

Minimum income requirement: S$30,000

Annual Fees: S$192.60 for basic card and S$96.30 for supplementary cards.

Fee waiver for the first two years.


CIMB Visa Signature

Recommended for: The foodie who doesn’t want to pay for privileges

The CIMB Visa Signature is also a pretty solid choice for diners.  Enjoy a 3.8% rebate as long as you spend $50 and above at any restaurant, café, or bar in Singapore, make at least three transactions and spend a minimum of S$500 per calendar month. This loses out to the OCBC 365 if you are more of a weekend foodie, but the cash rebates are still pretty decent, if not better if you eat out mostly on weekdays.

Another perk? There is no annual fee, so that could very well make up for the lower rebates.

Minimum income requirement: S$30,000

Annual Fees: Nil


ANZ Optimum World Master Card

Recommended for: The foodie who sometimes has other priorities in life

This card is one of the best cashback credit cards around. With this card, you can prioritize dining and leisure and receive a good 5% cashback on all your spending in this category. This includes spending in restaurants, bars, hotels, and cinemas.

One of the major plus points is that there is no minimum spend required, and no limit to the amount of rebates you can accumulate over a year. However, there is a S$30 limit per transaction, so don’t expect a great deal out of your S$2000 night out.

If you’re more of a seasonal than year-round foodie, you can choose other categories like Groceries, Travel, or Shopping every quarter.  This is great for those who feel guilty after pigging out too much and want to repent for at least three months.

Minimum annual income requirement:  S$80,000

Annual fee: S$180 for basic card and S$90 for supplementary card. Waiver for first year.

If you live to eat, then these cards will prove to be great assets, along with your premium gym membership. Enjoy!


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