4 Fail-Safe Tips for Frequent Flyers That Will Make Air Travel a Joy

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The world is getting smaller and smaller as globalization dissolves borders across the world. The invention of air travel has played a major role in facilitating this revolution, and we’d probably be seeing a second iteration of the Dark Ages if this convenient mode of transport were to disappear overnight. However, flying is still a perpetual pain in the rear for most people because it falls well outside the realm of affordability. And when you’re an inhabitant of the world’s most expensive city, then flight travel will never be pleasantly received by your finances. Although Singaporeans have a right to feel jaded, the truth is a host of factors contribute to the expenses and level of convenience you encounter when you choose to travel by flight. Even though you may not be able to do much about a few of them, the fare you pay can juggle between a few dollars to a hundred dollars depending on the way and time you book your tickets. Yes, you are not as helpless as you imagine being, aspiring Singaporean flyers! All you need to do is follow these 4 cool hacks to make your flight experience a lot more memorable:

1. Decode the Art of Flight Bookings

When it comes to booking your flight ticket, timing makes all the difference. Generic advice like booking in advance and avoiding last minute tickets is something every Singaporean is privy to, but the question is what is the ideal timeframe to get a good deal? Keep in mind that if your destination of choice is a major tourist hotspot and your trip coincides with the peak season of travel, then you must ensure your bookings are locked in at least 9-12 months in advance. For other destinations, an advance booking of 2-3 months before your trip should suffice in getting you cheap tickets. Another important tip Singaporeans must consider is booking tickets on Tuesdays and Wednesdays as the tickets are relatively cheaper on those days.

2. Avoid Non-Stop Flights to Increase Savings

Non-stop flights are the pinnacle of traveling convenience, and are likely to remain so unless we figure out a way to teleport in the near future. However, for those Singaporeans who are willing to bite the time bullet in favor of saving some precious dollars, the option of multi-connected flights is a great alternative to bank on.

3. Opt for a Flyer-Friendly Credit Card

Credit cards are the lifelines of daily expenditure for the majority of Singaporeans. Thankfully, financial institutions offer a bevy of credit cards that uniquely cater to the lifestyle needs of all consumers with their own sets of benefits and rewards. Keeping this in mind, you can definitely opt for a frequent flyer card if flying in and out of the country is something you partake in every few weeks or months. These specialized credit cards will help you net the maximum amount of bonus miles per dollar spent, which can be redeemed to give you hefty discounts on your subsequent airfare. Apart from lowering ticket prices, you can also get free upgrades to business class. The HSBC Revolution card, Kris Flyer Gold card, and the DBS Altitude card are some of the top contenders that frequent flyers can add to their financial arsenal.

4. Let the Embassy Play a More Proactive Role

The Singaporean embassy is one of the most under-utilized institutions by air travelers. Contrary to popular perception, their services are not just for consolidating safety measures. In fact, they can provide the most clear and concise guidance to help you fetch affordable accommodations, sort out transportation, and alert you against any potential tourist scams or dangerous places. Embassy staff is committed to investing in the well-being of their citizens abroad and they will go the extra mile in ensuring your trip is hassle-free more than any travel agent or website.

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