5 Tips and Tricks to Plan a Memorable Budget Wedding


The union of two individuals in holy matrimony is a tradition that has endured time and celebrated in cultures worldwide with much gusto. It marks the turning point in one’s life that marks the beginning of a whole new sequel to the life you’ve known so far. It’s no wonder why people from all classes of society dream about splurging on a beautiful wedding ceremony at some point in their life that will embody an unforgettable memory in their minds.

Although, weddings deserve the adulation they receive, the definition of a good wedding has become far too dependent on materialistic opulence over time.

As we all know, Singapore happens to be the world’s most expensive city and its average working class citizens already have to be beware of mindless indulgence in order to avoid going broke. Hence, the prospect of exhausting a huge chunk of your savings just for a party that lasts no longer than 24 hours is a compromise that many people are not willing to make any longer.

With a massive amount of loan debt needed to get by and an increasingly competitive job market, it’s no surprise Singaporeans are taking a more frugal approach to celebrating their special day.

For those Singaporeans willing to beat the exorbitant wedding syndrome, here are a few failsafe tips and tricks to help you throw a memorable party without milking your wallet dry:

1. Avoid Unnecessary Social Obligations

The number of guests you invite plays the biggest role in determining the cost of your wedding party. The average per head cost for a wedding in Singapore falls in between $100 – $180.

Hence, it is preferable to invite only your closest friends and family members rather than nonchalantly invite the neighbors and friend’s friends with whom you barely share a rapport with. Keep the guest list short and sweet in order to prevent unnecessary expenditure.

2. Keep the Invitation Cards Simple

Not many Singaporeans are aware that numerous hotels offer customized wedding packages to couples when they book a venue that include invitations as part of the deal. These cards are usually minimalist in design yet easy on the eyes, but above all else, they are incredibly cheap.

Although fancy designer cards with perfumed paper may be an attractive option initially, they come at a hefty price that can only be classified as a frivolous expense in the grand scheme of things.  20 years down the line, neither you nor your guests will have the slightest memory about how classy your wedding invitation cards looked.

3. Plan a Weekday Wedding

Weekends make for the hottest business period for business establishments each week without failure. Unfortunately, the rise in demand also encourages a significant spike in prices for regular products and services offered by them on other days. This strategy also applies to hotels and banquet halls, which leave no stone unturned to milk at least 10% – 20% more profit than they do on weekdays.

If a venue charges $800 per table on weekdays, then the rate per table will shoot up to $1000 on Saturdays and Sundays.  Now imagine the gargantuan amount you can save on 30 tables by simply scheduling your wedding reception on a weekday!

4. Opt for Daytime Matrimony

If a weekday wedding is getting in the way of the majority of your guests’ convenience, then you can opt for a smarter alternative instead by hosting a wedding lunch over the weekend. Although weddings parties are conventionally regarded as night events, there’s no reason why you should overlook nearly 30% worth of savings on your party by organizing a lunch soiree.

It is also a clever way to cut down on alcohol expenses since most people are reluctant to start drinking early or in the middle of the day.

5. Go Natural

Natural landscapes can be a glorious and breath-taking venue for solemnizing your marriage. Apart from the scenic beauty, one must also consider their inexpensiveness in comparison to luxurious hotels and banquet halls.

In fact, the difference in pricing is rather jaw-dropping. Singapore’s Botanical Gardens and East Coast Beach are a couple of fantastic naturally spacious and romantic locations that offer spectacular backdrops and highly affordable rates.


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