7 Apps for Saving Money Effectively

The more time wears on, the more technology becomes indispensible to society. In many ways technology helped us in terms of productivity and challenging social norms. Technology, as a matter of fact, kept the world afloat and in some ways has defined a nation, a country or even a person. Speaking of technology, finance is not at all a field that technology left behind. From personal finance to stock market apps, here are some of the apps for your smartphone that is recommended by iMoney Singapore in managing your finances or even more than that!

Toshl Finance (Free)

Toshl finance apps

Now this is one of the coolest apps there is in the market, Toshl Finance takes care of your worries like where you put your money, how much you saved and how far are you away from your savings goals per month or even for the year. One of the good things we like about Toshl Finance is that it gives you the liberty to put the name of your expenses through the use of tags. You can put ‘food’, ‘transportation’ or even as a random word like ‘nasi lemak’ (Yes, you can be very random!) as a tag. As an added feature it can also consolidate the expenses of two people using the app, which is perfect for parents when checking what happens with the family’s finances (And a plus, the app’s icon character looks like a minion).

Manilla (Free)

manilla apps

Still having a hard time managing your bills? Like when should you pay your electricity, postpaid plan, cable TV and all your financial commitments especially your credit card? Think no more! Manilla acts like an alarm clock when will those bills will be due. Say goodbye to disconnection notices or postpaid woes on not paying on time. Use Manilla to manage your time and finances. Plus, you will also be able to track the rewards you earned with your credit cards since not all of them are non-expiring.

Savings Goals


Savings Goals interface is pretty simple. If you would like to save money for a holiday like Christmas or a Birthday party, Savings Goals help you track your performance by just inputting your target amount and target date and it will create a savings schedule and tracker. Check out your progress as much as every day and know where you are at that goal. It comes with a very small price tag of USD 0.99.

Bloomberg (Free)

bloomberg apps

Enough said. Bloomberg is the biggest news portal when it comes to what’s happening in the world of finance. If you are more of the hard core finance news type of person, you may want to have this app installed in your smartphone. The Bloomberg app gives up to date news and provides more than a handful insight on what will be the trends on the all known exchanges. Worth downloading, we say.

A+ Allowance (Free)

A+ allowance apps

Teaching your kids about money can be stressful since they aren’t really aware of what money does or its importance at an early age. But with the right guidance and taking things slow in teaching kids on how to manage money, with the A+ Allowance app, you can set-up the a reward system for your child for every chore that he or she gets to finish. One good thing about this app it allocates the money earned every week ending on Saturdays to money that your child should save, give, invest and spend in the ratio of 10/10/10/70 percent respectively.

Lemon Wallet (Free)

lemon wallet apps

Misplacing stuff is very inevitable in our lives. One thing that causes the most hassle is losing your wallet, leaving it in a taxi or having a really bad encounter with a thief. The Lemon Wallet app helps you retain all the information of your credit cards, membership cards and all sorts of sensitive information you may be having in your wallet. The way you do it is you get a photograph of this cards and the app instantly creates a secure back-up on cloud. And just in case you forget your wallet, all are stored in your smartphone. Pretty handy when you are naturally forgetful in bringing some of your stuff.

With the Information Age boom, using pens and papers in managing your finances is a thing of the past, if not obsolete. The things listed above are only a few that we recommend using and it is not absolute and things change. At the end of the day, it is up to you our users to manage your finances in whatever discipline you fancy.

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