9 Apps That Will Make Your Family Holiday Trips A Lot More Pleasurable


When your sole yearly vacation with family or friends is around the corner, the last thing you want to do is get stuck with petty obligations and complications to hold your trip hostage and exacerbate your jetlag. Whether you plan to fly across Paris, New York, Amsterdam, China, Bangladesh and Hawaii in the span of a couple of weeks, your trip can be as comfortable as you make it with a little foresight and organization.

You need to think about so many things while on a vacation, like the hotel accommodation, food, local transport, recreational activities, etc. Unfortunately, a city map and chit-chat with hotel concierge may not be the ultimate solution to all your travel needs, especially when you do not speak the local language.

Fortunately, we live in a world of dominant technology and doing things in the traditional way is outdated. Gone are the days of the ‘slow and steady’ winning the race. In a world with ubiquitous connectivity and limitless mobile applications available, a lot of them even being for free, it is silly not to make use of them to optimize your vacation plans to perfection.

Thus, we present to you a list of nine invaluable travel apps that can make your holiday trips a lot less expensive and a lot more fun:


  1. Hotel Tonight

Sometimes a trip is planned very last minute, it just crops up out of nowhere without giving you enough time to make proper hotel bookings.

Also, sometimes you need to spend some extra days on a trip. Hotel Tonight can help you with your last minute hotel reservations wherein deals can be viewed in a list of a map format, making it an easy to use app. It is not, however, available in every city.


  1. TripIt

This app aims to cut down and consolidate your travel plans into a simple, convenient itinerary. Since it can be synced to multiple mobile devices and can be viewed online, you can share your travel itinerary with your family and update it on the go.

Once you link your email account to TripIt, the app will instantly browse through your inbox for reservation confirmations and other booking details. It then uses those details to build an organized itinerary of your flight departures and arrivals, hotel check-ins, and more.


  1. Bankrate Calculator

So you have stopped at a gas station with slightly expensive gas and a cheaper gas station is a bit far away. Bankrate offers a calculator on its website to help users determine whether traveling to a cheaper gas station is worth it.

Simply plug in your car’s gas tank capacity, miles per gallon, and how many miles it would take to drive to the gas station and the cost of gas.


  1. Waze

It is one of the world’s largest community-based traffic and navigation apps. It basically allows its users to help each other out to outsmart traffic and get to any place quicker by avoiding traffic.

It gives real time information in the form of alerts about traffic jams, accidents, road hazards, all shared by other drivers. Therefore, you can plan your sightseeing route accordingly and face no hindrances in your travel plans.


  1. Airports by TravelNerd

It offers terminal maps, amenity and Wi-Fi information, nearby parking options with comparative pricing. Plus, there’s an option to save some bucks and share a taxi with other travelers.


  1. WiFi Analyzer

This app turns your phone into a WiFi analyzer and shows all the WiFi channels around you to help you find a less crowded channel. You can easily connect to free WiFi hotspots and save up a few extra bucks instead of paying for WiFi charges in your hotel room.


  1. Skyscanner

Skyscanner compares millions of flights across hundreds of airlines- putting the world’s top travel deals at your fingertips. It’s remarkably quick and easy to find the cheapest flights with optimal routes through Skyscanner – the world’s top flight comparison app.


 8.    Live Maps

Live Maps gives real-time images of the places and their routes while you are on the go. It is advisable to use this app when you are in an alien location about which you do not know much so that you can easily navigate your back to familiar territory.

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  1. Google Translate

Transcending communication barriers is one of the biggest challenges while traveling to a foreign country. Not every country has an abundance of English-speaking citizens, which means you will have to try and connect with the locals in their native language at some point. Google Translate allows you to translate short sentences from one language to another by manually inputting or dictating a phrase in your own language first.

The input and output languages can be configured as per your needs. Currently, this software supports translation services for over 80 languages including Arabic, Hindi, Chinese, Filipino, and more.

With so many apps at your disposal, make your tight schedule less heavy and safe a lot of money, energy and time. Always remember, time is money and health is wealth!  

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