930,000 HDB Households To Get GST Vouchers In April

930,000 HDB Households To Get GST Vouchers In April

About 930,000 HDB households will each receive a GST Voucher to offset part of their utility bills this month.

The rebate, which is part of the GST Voucher scheme, is given to HDB households at the end of every quarter.

This quarter, these households will receive a Utilities-Save (U-Save) rebate of up to S$100, depending on the type of HDB flat:

  • One-and two-room: S$100 (total annual rebate of S$400)
  • Three-room: S$90 (total annual rebate of S$360)
  • Four-room: S$80 (total annual rebate of S$320)
  • Five-room: S$70 (total annual rebate of S$280)
  • Executive/multi-generation: S$60 (total annual rebate of S$240)

Households with members who own more than one property are not eligible for the GST Voucher.

The Ministry of Finance said on Tuesday (April 2) that the U-Save rebate provides households in one- and two-room HDB flats support equivalent to three to four months of utility bills in a year.


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