Beat The Back-To-School Blues With These 5 Shopping Tips

Beat The Back-To-School Blues With These 5 Shopping Tips

School is reopening in a few days’ time and despite being the mid-year break, the back-to-school frenzy can still make parents go crazy.

Do you need to restock on colour pencils or highlighters? Or is the school bag or shoes in dire need of replacement?

Whether it is a last minute stationery or clothing supply run, here are 5 practical and effective tips to shop for school supplies without breaking a sweat.

5 top back-to-school shopping hacks

As kids take the centre stage in anything related to back-to-school, it would be wise to actively involve them while you follow through the tips below. Apart from being a hands-on financial lesson to your kids, involving them will also give you a better perspective on spending for what truly matters.

1. Get an inventory of what you have
Before you go off shopping for school supplies, you need to have a good bearing on what needs to be restocked and what can last for the next 6 months. Involving your kids in this process will give you a clearer picture why they refused to use that pair of socks more than once or why they are repeatedly using a particular pencil every day.

It’s crucial to know the likes and dislikes of your kids to prevent money being spent buying things that would stay untouched for the rest of the year.

Take stock of stationaries, school uniforms, food containers, and impending school projects that would require extra stationaries, to name a few.

2. Make a shopping list and stick to it
Shopping becomes efficient if you are armed with a list of items you need to buy.

While you list down items you need to buy, it would be better if you include your kids and discuss with them about the items you are replacing and not replacing.

Some of the discussions may include issues such as buying branded items or regular items, reasons to defer a purchase and so on. This would educate kids on careful planning, besides reducing the chances of them throwing tantrums while shopping. More importantly, you can rest assured that they would use the items without any reluctance for the rest of the year.

While you are at it, it would also be fruitful to decide on items that you need to splurge a little and prioritise quality over hefty price tag. Items such as backpacks are meant to last for a long time and it would be a sound investment to pay for quality instead of opting for the cheapest option available.

3. Opt for garage sales or buy second-hand
Garage sales are gaining popularity in Singapore. Buying in garage sales will be friendly to your wallet and what’s more, you might get a good deal as long as you know where to go and what to buy.

While the items in garage sales might not be sparkling new, they are often in good conditions and well taken care of.

If you have more than one child, using second-hand items in the form of hand-me-down shoes, books or even phones and laptops might already be the norm in your household. If not, buying second-hand is also a viable option to save a ton of money. Check out online platforms selling second-hand items such as Carousell for good deals.

4. Sign up for membership and saving deals
Bookstores in Singapore such as Popular, MPH and Times are always showering Singaporeans with promotions and back-to-school sales that are clearly the best time to buy stationeries and books in bulk. One-stop online stores like Lazada are also convenient for getting all your school essentials in one place but check that you can get delivery before school starts.

It helps to keep up to date on the latest promos offered by these outlets online, so you don’t miss out on good deals.

One way to get the alerts whenever there is a promotion or sales is by subscribing to their newsletter or by signing up as a member to enjoy members-only deals.

5. Maximise your credit card benefits
If you are yet to own a credit card, you are missing out on all the cashbacks and reward points being offered. Especially during back-to-school season when spending might be higher than usual, it is wise to swipe your card and benefit from it.

All you need to do is compare and choose between the wide varieties of credit cards available for Singaporeans. Choose the one that best suits your lifestyle and will reward you the most per transaction.

Instead of worrying about = busting your budget during back-to-school frenzy, you can now keep calm and take the lead with these 5 practical tips to beat the back-to-school blues.

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