The Battle Of The Broadband Packages In Singapore

The Battle Of The Broadband Packages In Singapore

Choosing the right broadband package for your home should be an easy and hassle-free experience. However, with the amount of providers, packages and options to choose from, it’s easy to get frustrated and lost among the multitude of choices currently available.

With the addition of telecommunications provider MyRepublic, recently in the news after raising a massive S$70 million round to accelerate their consumer offerings, the race to win the broadband market in Singapore is as intense as ever. With new players facing existing incumbents, consumers have cause to be excited as prices drop and broadband quotas increase.

In this article we compare MyRepublic’s latest offerings against existing broadband players by evaluating a few key criteria – speed and pricing, add-ons, and installation and cancellation fees.


Announcing themselves to the public in a major way, MyRepublic offers a very attractive package of S$49.99 a month for their 1Gbps plan with zero quota limits. The company also advertises upload speeds of 500 Mbps. Subscribers who opt for the 24-month package will get a number of benefits including a fee waiver for the first four months of their plan as well as a S$250 router discount if the router is purchased via MyRepublic.

The package charges a mandatory S$58 service installation fee but also comes bundled with free TP  installation worth S$235. In terms of performance, MyRepublic’s fibre broadband service claims not to throttle or limit speeds ensuring consistent and smooth connectivity throughout. When it comes to balancing traffic loads, the service utilises an adaptive traffic priority system that ensures time-sensitive applications like video streaming are protected and run smoothly while allocating extra room for heavy data users like torrent downloaders.

To put things in perspective, utilising these speeds means that a 3MB MP3 file would download in less than a second, a 720p HD TV episode in less than 8 seconds and a 15GB Blu-Ray movie in less than 2 minutes.

When it comes to add-ons, MyRepublic’s fibre broadband service includes unlimited local calls and preferred local rates with the added convenience of keeping your existing number when porting over. IDD rates are a major advantage that MyRepublic has compared to its competitors, with their 6-cents-a-minute calls to destinations like China, India and USA, beating out all other competitors on the list.

Customers concerned about their data and security will also get peace of mind with a free 3-month F-secure internet security plan that allows them to monitor and safeguard all their devices.

Cancellation fees for the service are calculated based on the total sum of monthly charges for the remaining contract period.

Best value: Highly attractive IDD rates for customers looking to make overseas calls, especially to China, India and USA.
MyRepublic Ultra 1Gbps Fibre Broadband

MyRepublic Ultra 1Gbps Fibre Broadband

Enjoy speedy internet with better home broadband

Enjoy some of the best IDD rates in town, with 6-cents-a-minute calls to destinations like China, India and USA


Singtel on the other hand offers a package that’s S$10 more expensive than MyRepublic, at S$59.90 for their 1 Gbps fibre home plan that runs on a similar 24-month contract. However, this plan comes bundled with a wireless dual-band AC router, a free weekend router installation worth S$145 and a waived registration fee that’s worth S$53.50.

For homes that are not equipped for a fibre connection, Singtel also waives the fibre termination point installation fees of S$235. Bundled together with the package is a 500MB 4G mobile broadband plan and a home digital line that allows customers to make free unlimited local calls.

As part of the company’s push to get customers adopting their other business offerings, additional add-ons such as a 1GB Singtel email subscription and a 10GB store and share service have also been included in the plan.

Customers looking to cancel their Singtel broadband subscriptions will have to fork out S$861.35 if they are on the 24-month contract and S$433.35 if they are on the 12-month contract.

Best value: Bundled business tools such as email and storage that’s useful especially for small businesses looking to build an online presence.
Singtel 1Gbps Fibre Home Bundle

Singtel 1Gbps Fibre Home Bundle

Enjoy first class home broadband

Bundled with 1GB email subscription and 10GB Store & Share service


Not to be left out, major telecommunications provider M1 has also jumped onto the broadband bandwagon by offering their 1Gbps plan for S$39 a month – one of the more economical options when compared with the previous two competitors.
This package comes with an ASUS wireless AC router, and an Optical Network Installation worth S$58.85. Customers signing up for M1’s plan will have to pay a one-time registration charge of S$48.15. Actual download speeds for the service range between 43 to 106 Mbps.

A 3-month internet security package, similar to MyRepublic’s F-Secure plan, is also included free of charge to customers who sign up for M1’s fibre internet services. Cancellation fees are also similar to MyRepublic’s, which means customers who want to opt out before the end of their contracts will have to pay a prorated monthly amount based on the number of months left on their existing contracts.

Best value: High quality router bundled into the plan in addition to a free 3-month security package upon signup.
M1 Fibre Broadband 1Gbps

M1 Fibre Broadband 1Gbps

Your ideal home broadband

Bundled with a high quality router and a free 3-month security package


Rounding up the broadband big four is Starhub which offers a similarly priced S$39.90 broadband package for 1Gbps of fibre connectivity. However, those interested will have to act fast, as S$39.90 is a limited-time offer – it’s usually priced at S$49.90 a month. The plan comes with the unlimited quotas that have become industry standard for internet service providers but distinguishes itself by including a very dependable Linksys Max Stream router worth S$299 – making it one of the best free routers available to consumers.

On top of this, Starhub customers also have the option of a variety of attractive value-added services, including the option to top up an additional S$15 a month for a Google Wifi set via a 24-month instalment payment plan.

Early termination fees for Starhub’s broadband plans are S$385.20 if the duration of the contract served is less than 12 months. This option is significantly cheaper for consumers looking to cancel after the stipulated one year period as there will be no additional charges.

Best value: Widest range of value added services ranging from hardware and software upgrades that can be fully customised by customers according to preference.
StarHub 1Gbps Fibre Broadband

StarHub 1Gbps Fibre Broadband

Your ideal home broadband

Wide range of value added services, such as fully customisable hardware and software upgrades

The verdict

Download speed (actual)125 MB/sec125 MB/sec106 MB/sec106 MB/sec
Upload speed (actual)62.5MB/sec62.5MB/sec60MB/sec62.5 MB/sec
Price (per month)$49.99$59.90$39.00$39.90 (promo)
Contract tenure24 months24 months24 months24 months
Add-ons3 month F-secure plan4G Mobile Broadband Plan

Free Dual band AC router

Bundled business storage tools
3 month internet security

Free ASUS router
Free Linksys Max Stream Router
Installation fee$58Waived$48.15$53.50
Termination feePro rated$ 861.35Pro rated$385.20

Winner: When it comes to overall service dependency, Singtel comes out top – although the most expensive plan, Singtel justifies the price point by providing consistent download and upload speeds, a free high quality router and a variety of important business tools.

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