Bus And Train Fares To Rise By 4.3% From December 29

Bus And Train Fares To Rise By 4.3% From December 29

The Public Transportation Council (PTC) said on Tuesday (October 30) that the maximum allowable adjustment quantum of 4.3 per cent will be implemented for bus and train fares starting from December 29.

Here is how fares will increase:

  • Adults using travel cards: increase of 6 cents per journey
  • Single trip tickets for trains and adult cash fares for buses: increase of 10 cents
  • Students and senior citizens card fares: increase by 1 cent

There will be no change to students and senior citizens cash fares for buses, as well as monthly concession passes for students, senior citizens, full-time national servicemen and adults.

The PTC noted that for the past three consecutive years, fares have dropped by a total of 8.3 per cent.  The council said that the new fare hike is necessary due to rising costs, and is expected to bring in S$78.2 million in fare revenue.

However, the Ministry of Transport said that they will help keep transport fares affordable for lower wage workers and people with disabilities. Fare increases for both groups will be capped at one cent, while there will be no changes to the price of monthly concession passes for persons with disabilities.


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