2018 Chinese Zodiac: Your Predictions For The Year

2018 Chinese Zodiac: Your Predictions For The Year

The coming of a new year is a time that invites reflection. As we usher in the Year of the Dog, it’s worth taking the time to think about our trajectory for the upcoming year. Doing so can help us take advantage of all opportunities to grow financially, as well as prepare us for any setbacks that may come our way.

Based on your animal sign in the Chinese animal zodiac, here’s what to expect in 2018.

These predictions are based on Dato’ Joey Yap’s Chinese Astrology For 2018. You can get the book and other Chinese Metaphysics-related resources here

General: 2018 may be a mixed bag for you. It will be an auspicious year for you to advance your career – you will receive many opportunities to prove yourself to your superiors and earn a promotion or raise. However, your new work responsibilities may trigger difficulties in other aspects of your life. Your career might also be a source of conflict between you and your loved ones. The combination of added work responsibilities and tension in your personal life could negatively impact your emotional and physical well-being.

Wealth: Be careful when signing contracts and avoid engaging in financially risky behaviour, such as heavy investing or gambling. Manage your personal finances sensibly, otherwise you might find your outflow of money greater than its inflow.

iMoney’s recommendation: If you haven’t already done so, set aside some cash to build an emergency fund. Consider diversifying your portfolio with low-risk investments such as bonds.

General: You have much in store for you this year. It will be an auspicious year for career advancement or business development. You will also find yourself in a surge of popularity among friends, and even on social media. Year 2018 will be a good year for you to pursue new friendships and amorous liaisons. Just remember to set aside some me-time to rest and recharge.

Wealth: You may come across some obstacles early in the year that will prevent you for achieving extra financial wealth. However, don’t be discouraged – some careful planning and a positive attitude will resolve these problems. You can then anticipate a windfall through a promotion or a bonus.  

iMoney’s recommendation: Review your budget and trim out unnecessary spending. If you’re an aspiring entrepreneur, consider these ways to fund your start-up.

rat chinese zodiac

General: Rat individuals will gain a boost in their ability to learn this year, so make the most out of it by picking up new skills and honing existing ones. Be observant and keep an open mind, as you will find opportunities for advancement in your personal life and in your career in unexpected ways. However, you should be cautious, as there may be an increased risk of physical injury, especially water-related ones. You should also look out for elderly members of your family, as it will be possible for them to face injury or illness in the coming year.

Wealth: Unsuccessful investments and late-paying debtors may cause you to lose money. However, the loss may be countered by purchasing real estate early this year. The loss may be countered through prudent investment early this year – however, refrain from using your savings for heavy investment schemes.

iMoney’s recommendation: Avoid dodgy investment schemes that guarantee high returns. If you’re interested in real estate investment, learn about what you’ll need to consider before buying a property, and how much you’ll need to have to afford one.

ox chinese zodiac

General: This year bodes well for you in terms of career and wealth. Female-dominated industries are likely to prosper in the coming year, and you might find much-needed support from the women in your personal life and in your career. Be careful not to let your excess of wealth get to your ego, or you risk hurting the feelings of those around you. Additionally, you should be extra cautious of your personal belongings and priorotise your safety and health this year.

Wealth: Your ability to generate wealth will be enhanced this year, whether it be at work or through investments. However, you should be attentive to your finances, and avoid risky investments.

iMoney’s recommendation: Review your investment portfolio to ensure that it carries a manageable amount of risk. Make sure that your asset allocation aligns with your financial goals.

tiger chinese zodiac

General: This year will possibly be a bumpy one for you. Your career or business outlook is positive – with careful planning and hard work, you can look forward to opportunities for a raise, a promotion or business expansion. However, success in your career or business can cause resentment from those around you, possibly even creating legal entanglements. The stress of having to cope with a flourishing career and its negative side effects on your personal life can be a source of anxiety – be careful not to let it overwhelm you.

Wealth: You may incur financial losses through poor budgeting or investment returns. However, you may receive assistance that will help you minimise these losses and gain assets that you desire. Consider charitable donations as a way of paying it forward for the assistance you receive.

iMoney’s recommendation: When looking for investment opportunities, remember to weigh their risks in order to minimise potential losses. If you’re new to investing, consider investments that are managed by professionals, such as ETFs or unit trust funds. 

rabbit chinese zodiac

General: You will enjoy overwhelming love and support this year from the people around you. You will be able to make many new connections that will help you pursue your career or investment-related goals. However, don’t get carried away by the extravagances of the coming year, and remember to devote time and attention to care for your family and loved ones.

Wealth: You should be extra vigilant towards your finances, as the indulgences of 2018 can cause you to overspend. You may also incur financial losses through legal, personal or professional disputes. However, you’ll find plenty of opportunities to create wealth through people who will be kind enough to provide their support.

iMoney’s recommendation: Keep an eye on the ins and outs of your finances. Remember to be frugal and save money, but don’t go overboard. Look for opportunities to create side income.

dragon chinese zodiac

General: You’ll face challenges in the upcoming year, but you’ll have the ability to turn these challenges into opportunities for growth. You will have to work harder this year to achieve your goals, and may find yourself facing many setbacks. Be wary as well of pursuing ambitions that may be too lofty to be practical. However, if you overcome these obstacles you will find yourself stronger and better prepared to achieve more in the future.

Wealth: You may incur constant financial losses this year, so take extra care to manage your finances well and be cautious when making financial deals. Avoid gambling and risky investments.

iMoney’s recommendation: Create a budget to keep tabs on your spending. Be wary of investment schemes that guarantee high returns. Look for conservative and liquid investments such as unit trust funds and Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs).

snake chinese zodiac

General: You can look forward to a flourishing social life in 2018, where you can expect to meet new people and form meaningful connections with them. This good fortune will also extend to your romantic life. However, keep a level head when interacting with others, or else you might find yourself embroiled in petty disputes. Additionally, you should be careful of your surroundings, as there is a possibility you might suffer minor injuries in the upcoming year.

Wealth: You may incur some financial losses in the beginning of the year due to poor investment returns or excessive gambling. However, the assistance provided by others can help you recuperate your losses, and even generate more wealth than what you have lost.

iMoney’s recommendation: Be prudent when investing – always do your research and consider the risks involved before plunging in. Look at your budget for ways in which you can cut down on wasteful spending. If you are not insured, this year will be a good year to look into getting a good medical insurance plan.

horse chinese zodiac

General: Year 2018 looks to be a great year for you. You will find yourself in the company of generous and supportive people, who will provide assistance when you need it. Don’t hold back from pursuing your goals this year, as you will gain an edge in solving conflicts, should they arise. However, go forth with proper planning and a sound strategy, as impulsive decisions may cause you financial loss. Even as your career and flourishing social life take up more of your time, remember to spend quality time with your family as well.

Wealth: You may see opportunities for a pay raise or bonuses in your career. You may also experience a surge in wealth thanks to generous friends. Be on the lookout for investment opportunities, which you may discover through the help of those in your social circle.

iMoney’s recommendation: Take advantage of opportunities to boost your career. If you’re interested in learning about investment, seek mentorship or resources that will help you.

goat chinese zodiac

General: The upcoming year looks to be a primarily good one, with a few minor setbacks. You will find yourself in the presence of helpful individuals who will provide support to mitigate any trouble you might run into this year. When it comes to your career, you may see opportunities for advancement. However, the success that you will achieve may cause some to resent you and even circulate harmful lies. On the upside, your problem-solving skills will gain an edge, and those in your social circle will give you the assistance you need.

Wealth: Year 2018 will be a good year for asset acquisition. Even as work responsibilities pile up, you should focus on increasing wealth. Look beyond your job for more opportunities to improve your finances.

iMoney’s recommendation: Consider looking at how you can increase your investments. If you don’t have anything invested, here’s how you can start with as little as S$1,000. Other ways to increase wealth also include getting a side-income gig.

monkey chinese zodiac

General: This year may a trying one for you. A few setbacks at work may affect your productivity, and you’ll have to work harder than usual to counter them. However, you may have an opportunity for extensive travel as part of your job – embracing this can give you an edge in advancing your career. Be mindful of your health this year, especially when it comes to your emotional and mental well-being. Take extra precautions when travelling or when participating in high-risk activities, as there is a possibility that you may be involved in an accident.

Wealth: You may see a greater outflow than inflow of money this year if you aren’t prudent with your spending. Refrain from overspending on luxury purchases at the start of the year to offset losses later on. You should plan your budget to minimise spending and maximise savings.

iMoney’s recommendation: If you haven’t already done so, consider diversifying your portfolio with low-cost investments such as ETFs. Make sure that you’re adequately insured, and remember to get travel insurance when you are travelling.

rooster chinese zodiac

General: The Year of the Dog is the year for you to slow down and recuperate from the previous year. Make sure to set aside time for self-care and establish a healthy work-life balance. Don’t let your anxieties or fear of abandonment convince you that you have no one to rely on – you will find a support network in your friends and family. Take care of your physical health as well, as there is a possibility that you may face an illness.

Wealth: Be cautious where your finances are concerned, as you may incur a significant loss this year. Acquiring assets in the beginning of the year that will not depreciate in value can help offset the loss. On the upside, you will potentially experience a great influx of side income.

iMoney’s recommendation: Look at the ways in which your money-spending habits affect your happiness. Consider taking up a side gig for extra income.
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