Citibank Rewards Card Reviewed – An Incentive-Hungry Shopper’s Paradise


Impulsive arbitrary shopping is an indulgence we all indulge in every once in a while; however, if it happens to be an addiction that might just bite the hand that feeds, then perhaps you need to switch to a more empowering credit card. Although there is surely a plethora of credit cards to choose from, our pick of the lot for you would be the popular Citibank Rewards Card.

As one of the few evergreen credit cards to have emerged from the brainchild of Citibank, this credit card perfectly complements the needs of Singaporeans with contemporary lifestyles. If you want to make your spending urges count for something instead of leaving you submerged in a pool of guilt later, then the wonderful rewards scheme offered by this credit card is just what you need.

Is It The Right Fit For You?

It is a highly alluring credit card that caters to spendthrift consumers by giving them numerous rewards and exclusive discounts in exchange for their loyalty to channel their debt towards a positive direction.

Buying more by spending less is the ideal philosophy consumers would like to worship, and the Citi Rewards Card takes them one step closer to living it for real. For starters, it rewards you 10 Citi Dollars on every $1 you spend on shopping purchases anywhere across the world!

Even for non-shopping expenses, you can net 1 Citi Dollar per dollar spent, which will be valid for redemption up to 5 years. What’s more, indulge in other special privileges for dining, shopping and travel. Before we get down to breaking down the juiciest details, let us give you a quick run-through the essential pre-requisites to qualify for this card:

  • Your minimum yearly income must be equal to or above S$2,500.
  • The annual fee for subscribing to this card is S$192.60 for the principal holder and S$96.30 for the supplementary holder.
  • The minimum age for the principal holder is 21 years, whereas the minimum age for the supplementary holder is 18 years.

How To Maximize Its Utility

Although this credit card is an excellent standalone option to add to your financial arsenal, you can extract a lot more firepower out of it if you utilize it in a collaborative way with a supplementary holder. It may be with your spouse or another family member, but the truth is you are likely to touch upon a lot more reward schemes and benefits when you blend in another person’s lifestyle needs with your own. And with the diversity in incentives offered by the Citi Rewards card, you both will literally hit upon a gold mine of reward points.

Although the combined annual fee of over S$200 may be a little intimidating, new initiates will be ecstatic to know there is a full waiver on the first year subscription fee. Hence, consumers will have quite a bit of time handy to get into the groove shopping and figuring out a spending pattern that saves them a fortune and brings in a fortune in reward points. However, you still need to be mindful of your credit card bill payments in order to avoid dealing with the steep 24% interest rate.

Breaking Down The Best Benefits

For those of you reading with bated breath, here are the 5 key consumption categories where this credit card truly shines:

  1. Shopping

Apart from the amazing 10X reward points multiplier that you get for every S$1 spent shopping on local, online or overseas outlets, you can unlock nearly S$670 worth of shopping vouchers as soon as you sign up.You can also get attractive discounts worth 16% and 20% at and Ezra respectively.

  1. Travel

For every S$1 you shell out, you can earn up to 4 Citi Miles. You can redeem 500 Krisflyer miles for 1,250 points and even bag complimentary travel insurance worth S$100,000 for you and your partner.

  1. Dining

You can redeem up to 50% discount in local and overseas fine dining outlets that have tied up with your credit card. Along with this, you can also spice up your nightlife by getting 15% off your total bill at Balaclava, KPO and Wala Café Bar at Zouk.

  1. Petrol

Your monthly fuel expenses will also be significantly lower as you can avail up to 14% discount on petrol at Esso and Shell stations.

  1. Groceries

While it may not live up to the quality of offers in other categories, you can still enjoy up to 2% savings on groceries at special outlets.

Final Verdict

In summary, the Citibank Rewards credit card works best for Singaporeans who are consistent shoppers and vigilant enough to track and redeem all the points they earn at the right time. It is equally imperative to pay off your credit card debt in full every month in order to swerve your savings away from a financial wrecking ball over time. It’s a card most powerful in the hands of highly calculated and budget-oriented individuals with diverse shopping interests.

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