The Best Credit Cards for all Your Christmas Shopping and Dining

The Best Credit Cards for all Your Christmas Shopping and Dining


Make the most of your credit cards this year-end!

Christmas 2016


‘Tis the season to be merry making, feasting, and taking advantage of all the year-end sales to reward yourself and loved ones for making it through the year in one piece.  Whether you’re doing your shopping abroad (lucky you) or on home ground, you’re probably looking out for the best deals. Take these credit cards with you out on your Christmas shopping and merry-making and enjoy even greater credit cards offers.

Standard Chartered MANHATTAN Credit Card

Standard Chartered Credit Cards

Miles and rewards points don’t cut it for you? A 15% cashback might just get you going then. Standard Chartered is offering a 15% cashback capped at a value of S$150 on online and overseas spends with a minimum total retail spend of S$5,000.

To illustrate, say you spend S$1,000 online and overseas and another S$4,000 in other retail shops, you get a cashback of S$150. If you’re not much of a regular shopper but do have some big-ticket items like electronics or furniture that you intend to get at the end of the year, this is the card for you. Offer is limited to the first 8000 cardholders.

For those who cannot resist a lucky dip, this one’s worth hanging at the edge of your seat. Be one of seven lucky winners to fly to Paris on Singapore Airlines Suites, a luxury so unattainable for regular folks that travel hackers and bloggers wax lyrical about their experiences like they’ve gone to the moon. A minimum spend of S$1,000 gets you your first 10 chances and every subsequent S$100 gives you an additional chance.


Fee: From S$192.60 a year (No annual fee for the supplementary holder)

Minimum annual income: From S$2,500 for Singaporeans


DBS Credit Card


DBS Credit Cards

For a more all-rounded Christmas that doesn’t just involve stuffing your home with more stuff but also filling that tummy, the DBS Christmas promotions are worth checking out.

Spend S$250 on a single receipt from now till 31 Dec 2016 and download the DBS Lifestyle App.  Start redeeming gifts for every S$250, ranging from cash credits to attractive vouchers by retailers to luxury hotel stay-cations. The value of your gifts increases with the number of redemption that you’ve done.

In addition, DBS Credit Cards have also lined up a wide variety of deals that take you shopping, dining, and travelling. Enjoy discounts on dining, wine purchases, and even up to 31% off Expedia bookings.


Fee: From S$64.20 a year (First 2 years free)

Minimum annual income: From S$2,500 for Singaporeans and Free for students

OCBC 365 Credit card

OCBC Titanium Rewards Card

Earn 10 times OCBC rewards for every S$1 spent whether you shop online or offline. What makes this card stand out is the Online Price Guarantee and the E-Commerce Protection features that are absolutely useful for regular online shoppers.

The Online Price Guarantee reimburses you 50% for the price difference if you find the exact same item offered at a lower price on another online retailer, something that even the most dedicated price comparer will find reassuring.

The E-Commerce Protection feature helps safeguard you against non-delivery by dodgy retailers and defective products. If your relationship with Taobao has been on the rocks, this might just save your day.


Fee: S$192.60 a year (First 2 years free)

Minimum annual income: S$30,000 for Singaporeans and Singapore PRs

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