Dash – The Harbinger of a Mobile Banking and Commerce Revolution


The smartphone revolution ushered in an era of utility-driven apps tailored to fulfil a myriad of user requirements. Unfortunately, the finance sector has failed to truly capitalise on the technological advancements available to them and has only come up with mediocre mobile solutions for their customers for the most part. The reason behind this failure can be attributed to smartphone apps being designed as accessories of their official products and subsequently rendered as hasty, cheap adaptations of their brand.

Enter Dash – a ground-breaking financial platform that flawlessly integrates banking services, payment systems, shopping tools and insurance solutions. This brainchild is an outcome of strategic collaboration between SingTel and Standard Chartered Bank that promises to deliver the best of both worlds and revolutionise mobile banking and commerce as we know it. 

Dash upholds all the key guiding principles involved in the development of a successful financial product – customer appeal, innovation and security. As smartphone processing power and network speeds continue to establish new records and shatter old ones every year, there are no excuses for developers to cling to citing hardware and software limitations anymore. Dash comes as a breath of fresh air that brings the world of banking to the customers directly instead of putting out a plain Jane, low-utility app for the sake of novelty.

Essential Requirements and Qualifications

In order for the Dash app to function, you must ensure your iPhone runs iOS versions 6 and above. In case you are an Android user, your device must run Android OS versions 4.1.2 and above.

Dash offers three prime products to their customers that cater to their financial lifestyle needs and routines. In order to subscribe to these products, you must review the eligibility criteria for each of them as follows:




Dash Easy

Mobile Banking

Singaporeans, PR or EP holders at least 18 years of age

Dash Advance

Personal Loans

Singaporeans, PR or EP holders within the age bracket of 21-65

Dash Abroad

Travel Insurance

Singapore residents within the age bracket of 18-75

Depending on product augmentations and regulatory policy alterations, the eligibility criteria may be changed accordingly as well.

The constantly looming threat of hackers and data theft in the digital realm has made mobile banking security a grave concern in the minds of users, developers have gone above and beyond in commissioning a series of effective security protocols that ensure the integrity of your sensitive financial information is never compromised. Here are some of the core authentication standards used by the Dash app:

  • For making payments, you must input your mobile number and 6-digit PIN set by you

  • For accessing your Dash banking account, you must enter the associated username and password you created when setting up the bank account

  • Certain functions may also demand the use of a one-time generated PIN

Finding the Dash Product That Caters to Your Needs

Dash has not just made great strides in the mobile banking segment, but also contributed to the rise of secure mobile payment gateways. As a result, they have garnered unanimous praise from business leaders across the industry and establish partnerships with leading retail outlets, restaurant chains, grocery stores, and even public transport providers.

SingTel and Standard Chartered have managed to rope in influential partners like WingTai Retail, ComfortDelGro Taxi, Food Republic, Pizza Hut, KFC, Spinelli, Watsons, Koi Cafe, Prime Taxi, 7-Eleven, ACE Insurance, SMRT Taxi, Sodexo,and many others.

Let us take an in-depth look at the features and functionality offered by each of the three Dash products:


Signing up for Dash Easy gives you access to a savings account augmented with a mobile cash (mCash) account. Once you have completed the registration process, the Dash App allots you a cool $10 for free when you login the first time. You do not have to worry about complying with archaic service terms like minimum initial deposit, lock-in period, minimum balance, etc.

Creators of the Dash Easy product have done their best to incentivise their service and reward users for their loyalty. Keeping this under consideration, they have allowed users to earn a promotional 1% p.a. interest on their Dash Easy Savings Account when they have garnered 10,000 #needsanupdate posts on leading social media channels. This was achieved on July 11, slightly more than a month after launch!

Dash Easy is one of the only solutions available in Singapore that allows customers to download cash from their savings account straight into their mobile account in order to complete their payments. Yes, the days of waiting in tiresome queues outside ATMs will soon be coming to their deserved end.

Any payment pending to a friend can be executed by first enabling the “Location Services” feature in each other’s phones and then making a simple swipe next to your friend’s phone. So far, SingTel and Standard Chartered have succeeded in roping in over 20,000 participating reception points in taxis and retail outlets.


Debt is an inevitable consequence of trying to survive in the world’s most expensive city. However, the processing and sanctioning of loans itself is a major adversary to your schedule. Dash Advance is a service that provides Singaporeans a seamless way to complete their loan application without any hiccups.

Using this service, you can easily wrap up the loan application within 15 minutes online or through the mobile form, and then take pictures of your identification and income documents for submission to get an approval-in-principle within 60 seconds.

Users will also be able to check the monthly repayment amount dynamically generated after they input details indicating their required loan amount and borrowing period. Dash Advance offers competitive interest rates that are as low as 4.98% per annum.

If your annual income is between $20,000 and 30,000, you can borrow up to 2x your monthly income. If your annual income is above $30,000, you can borrow up to 4x your monthly income, or up to $200,000.



For Singaporeans bitten by the wanderlust bug, the Dash Abroad travel insurance package will complement their lifestyle perfectly. Safety is of paramount importance when you step outside the comfort and protection of your country; hence, travel insurance can never be dismissed as an unnecessary expense.

Underwritten by ACE Insurance Ltd., Dash Abroad is essentially a super-customisable travel insurance product that gives users a great deal of flexibility by letting them pay only for the cover that they require. And it’s all done online or on the mobile phone, in five minutes.

Apart from medical coverage, the basic plan also covers essentials such as luggage loss, flight delays and cancellations. The minimum rate for a Dash Abroad basic plan begins at a mind-bogglingly affordable amount of $20. If you need more – be it Sports Coverage & Oversized Baggage, Digital Device Protection, Family Services, or Overseas Hospital Cash Benefit, simply top up your coverage from just $2 by checking the options in the online and mobile form. 

All information in this article was source by iMoney Singapore without any direct contact or fact verification with the banks mentioned.

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