Fitness and Wellness Options for Cheap (or Free)


Happy new year!

It is the time of the year again, when everyone starts putting up their new year resolutions. Log on to your social media and you’d quickly notice that apart from edited-to-death shots of vacations, food, and babies, the next most common assault to your eyes may be annoying friends showing off their fit bods. You may feel motivated to add “getting fit” to your list of resolutions, but that doesn’t mean that you’re just as excited to cough up a good S$2000 a year for fancy gyms.  Well, take heart that there are many ways to do it cheap.

Here are some options for you to shrink your waistline, not your wallet.


If you aren’t looking for state-of-the-art equipment to work those obscure muscle groups, then Singapore’s public gyms offer you incredible value. There are 16 gyms located islandwide, and you can choose between a Peak plan that gives you access every day at all opening hours, or the Off Peak plan that gives you access from opening till 4 pm on weekdays.

The 12-month membership cost for the Peak plan costs just S$300, perfect for those who don’t care much for swanky facilities.


Gymmboxx seems to hit the sweet spot between affordability and quality.  The local chain of neighbourhood gyms has five facilities, categorised into Standard, or Silver.  There are even two gyms that are open 24 hours, perfect for the post-supper guilt-trip emergency workout.

You can choose to sign up for a membership, or pay per entry if you’re a commitment-phobe and if you have other workout plans besides hitting the gym.  The fees per entry range from S$3-S$7, depending on the type of gym, as well as hour of entry.

The membership fees are also highly affordable.  You can choose between 3,6, or 12-month plans, and the Silver (aka Premium) 12-month plan costs only S$50 a month, a wee fraction of what you’d pay at a commercial gym.  Gymmboxx also offers personal training and coaching sessions.


Fitness passes – Passport Asia and Guavapass

Are you the type that prefers taking classes and trying out the next revolutionary workout? Fitness passes may be the answer for you.

Passport Asia gives you access to about 50,000 classes monthly in 300 gyms and studios.  With classes ranging from water sports to Parkour, the fickle-minded and easily bored now have no more excuses to stay home. Simply download the app and book classes on the go. S$99 a month gives you access to unlimited classes.

The Guavapass is a slightly upscale version. At S$139 per month, the Guavapass may not seem like a steal. However, it does offer great value considering that they partner with boutique studios specialising in yoga, pilates, dance, or martial arts. Rather than signing up at various studios and paying fees upon fees, the Guavapass allows you take classes at multiple boutique studios across the city.

Cycle or jog through the Park Connector Network

Exercise for free the good ole way, in nature! Singapore’s park connector network offers some beautifully scenic routes and considerable distance for you to get some good cardio and endurance workout by cycling, jogging, or skating.

If you don’t have your own bicycle, you can even rent one along the Eastern Coastal Loop or the North Eastern Riverine Loop. Head to the National Parks Board website to check out and map your route.

Check your credit card perks and promotions

Your credit card may very well give you free access to gyms and studios, or offer promotions for limited periods.  The DBS Woman’s World Mastercard, for example, gives you complimentary access to selected True Fitness and True Yoga Centres twice a month.


Free yoga classes

Yoga is expensive in Singapore, no doubt about that.  You can lower your blood pressure and mental stress all through the month only to have it catapult through the roof when it’s time to pay for your membership.

Thankfully, free-of-charge yoga classes do exist. Nikam Yoga offers free basic and intermediate Hatha yoga classes in various locations islandwide.


Meditation and mindfulness

Health and wellness isn’t just about working those muscles.  A busy and stressful lifestyle calls for some medicine for the mind and spirit.  Whether you’re new to mediation or not, going for guided meditation classes helps you ease yourself into a wonderful world of peace and serenity.

There are quite a number of centres in Singapore offering a variety of courses in different meditation and mindfulness techniques. Sahaja Yoga offers meditation classes that are free of charge.

If you’re looking to delve deep into the mind with an intensive meditation program, you can sign up for a 10-day Vipassana Meditation course held several times a year on St John’s Island. The entire course includes meals, accommodation, and teachings, and is run free of charge. You may donate at the end of the course if you wish.

So there, with these many affordable and free options, there really isn’t any excuse not to take charge of your health and wellness today.


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