Singaporeans Are Wasting S$342 Million Worth Of Food A Year

Singaporeans Are Wasting S$342 Million Worth Of Food A Year

There’s another sport that us, Singaporeans seem to be doing exceptionally well.

Food wasting.

We are wasting a whopping S$342 million worth of food a year. That is equivalent to about:

  • 342 million of roti prata
  • 55 milllion kg of chilli crab
  • 98 million plates of chicken rice

According to a study done by the Singapore Environment Council (SEC) in collaboration with Deloitte Singapore, more than 26,000 tonnes of food are being discarded by households across Singapore.

The wastage is due to:

  1. Improper storage
  2. Purchasing patterns
  3. Food handling habits

Other findings of the survey:

  1. The food being wasted per week is estimated to be S$6.57 million.
  2. One third of survey respondents said they would throw away 10% or more of uncooked and unconsumed food items.
  3. Only 20% of respondents can be classified as smart consumers.

Who are smart consumers?

  1. Do not throw away unconsumed food.
  2. Effective and organised when it comes to food planning and shopping.
  3. Not influenced by promotions
  4. Do not buy more than needed and finishes all food bought.
  5. Shop at least once a week without wasting food.

Apart from food wasted by consumers, apparently the issue of food loss that happens during production, storage, processing, transportation and distribution also contributed to the big number.

Difference between food waste and food loss

Food waste: Discarding of food that is safe for human consumption.

Food loss: Food lost in the supply chain between producer and the market.

What causes food loss?

  1. Poor disease and pest management
  2. Over importation of food items
  3. Fragmented cold chain management
  4. Inadequate infrastructure

How can we prevent food loss?

  1. Increase the awareness of food loss as well, instead of merely highlighting food waste.
  2. Better coordination among food industries and retailers.
  3. Application of technology to reduce food loss

Apart from being a social issue, food wasting is also very close to financial management. One of the obvious ways to manage your spending better is to manage your food budget better. It has been well-established that the less food or ingredients you waste, the more you can save.

Hence, it is time of act as proper food planning and sticking to a well-calculated grocery list will reduce food wastage and, also increase your savings.


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