S$238 Mil Spent On Foreign Students In Singapore

S$238 Mil Spent On Foreign Students In Singapore

According to the Education Minister of Singapore Ong Ye Kung, the Ministry of Education (MOE) is spending about S$238 million every year on scholarships and tuition grants for international students.

The breakdown of the spending:

  • S$108 million are spent on tuition grants
  • S$130 million are spent on scholarships

The allocation for foreign students make up 1.8% of MOE’s annual budget of S$13 billion. Over the past decade, the spending on foreign students has dwindled by about 50%.

Are Singaporeans losing out on the education front?

To relieve Singaporeans who were worried that the large allocation towards foreign students’ education might negatively affect the local allocation, Mr Ong assured that local students are well taken care of through government subsidies and financial aid which are open only for Singaporean citizens.

Adding on, he stressed that the priority is for local students when it comes to admissions into higher learning institutes.

Why do we need foreign students?

  1. Opportunities for Singaporean students to connect with people across the globe.
  2. Nurturing of a talent pool who can contribute to Singapore.
  3. The need to be a part of a global education network.

Do you think the S$238 million spent on international students is fair? Should the local students receive more educational aid?


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