Here’s How To Take Part In The Bicentennial Celebration Without Spending Money

Here’s How To Take Part In The Bicentennial Celebration Without Spending Money

With the tagline, ‘From Singapore to Singaporeans’, the Singapore Bicentennial 2019 is being celebrated to commemorate the 200th anniversary of Sir Stamford Raffles arrival on our island state but it is also to shed some light on Singapore’s much longer 700-year journey into the 21st century.

Launched on 28 January 2019, the celebration consists of various festivals, heritage trails, art installations, exhibitions and carnivals. Participating in these activities will give an insight to how it has been for Singapore has transformed into one of the most prominent countries in the world despite its size.


Want to immerse yourself in Singapore’s 200-year-old journey?  We have compiled 4 activities that will cost you nothing to be a part of the nation’s Bicentennial celebration.

4 free activities to celebrate Singapore’s Bicentennial

1. Go back in time at Fort Canning Park

All set to mesmerise visitors through a multimedia sensory experience, the multimedia projections, ‘From Singapore to Singaporean: The Bicentennial Experience’ aims to showcase not only the 200 years of the country’s colonial past but also the nation’s 700-year-old history and culture to young Singaporeans today.

The show consists of 2 main parts namely, Time Traveller and Pathfinder. Time Traveller is an indoor cinematic journey while Pathfinder is an outdoor trail that incorporates installations. Participants are in for a ride as they can learn about the nation’s journey in an interactive and technology-infused manner.

For your information
Date: 1 June – 31 December 2019 (will be closed for maintenance and refurbishment from 16 September to 30 September)
Venue: Fort Canning Park
Time: Multiple time slots throughout the day
Tickets: Free of charge (Needs reservation)

2. Explore the city’s heritage by foot

It would be impossible to celebrate the nation’s bicentennial without activities that focuses on heritage and finding its hidden treasures. What better way there is to explore heritage if not inch by inch of its historic city streets? Various heritage walking tours have been curated for Singaporeans to take part, learn and be proud of the nation.

Some of the walking tours are My Dawson Heritage Tour that details the history of Queenstown and its residents, My Alexandra Heritage Tour that features a first-hand account of the war from ex-villagers of Boh Beh Kang, and Kreta Ayer Heritage Trail that explores a Cantonese area known for round-the-clock entertainment in the 19th century.

These guided tours will incorporate interesting stories and anecdotes of what makes Singapore special and heart-warming. You can also register for more heritage trails that features places and stories close to your heart at the Singapore Bicentennial event calendar.

For your information
Date: Throughout the year
Time: Up to 4 hours (starting time depends on the trail chosen)
Tickets: Free of charge (Needs reservation at the specific organiser’s website)

3. BALIKSG, an interactive experience of Singapore’s heritage

If you are an apps lover or are intrigued with the story behind the Singapore River and Fort, the BALIKSG free app will be highly rewarding. The app features two trails; the River Trail and the Fort Trail where you will encounter historical characters and events cleverly presented through the latest augmented reality technology.

The app is aimed to be fun and educational for both the adults and kids, based on extensive research to ensure its accuracy, and interactive to engage viewers. Once you download the app, you will receive a set of instructions that will bring you to significant locations with codes on the floor. Upon scanning, you will be brought to another era and another time.

For your information
You can download the app for free on Apple Store and Google Play.

4. Immerse yourself in the evolution of Singapore

Tracing the evolution of Singapore through 40 maps and plans is bound to be a captivating activity. Apart from maps, you can also peruse a scale model of our island state as well as a central area model that gives you a bird’s eye view of Singapore.

The Singapore City Gallery also hosts a variety of other interactive and captivating activities that revolves around Singapore and its physical transformation over the years. For those interested to learn more about what the city has in store for the future, the gallery hosts interactive exhibits that explore issues such as sustainability, liveability, innovative land use, and more.

For your information
Date: Until 31 December 2019
Venue: Singapore City Gallery
Time: 9am – 5pm
Tickets: Free of charge

Make use of zero-cost activities

This is the perfect time to learn more about the past, present and the future of Singapore through a wide array of fun and interactive activities. No textbooks, exams, or lectures that will lull you to sleep, instead technology-infused activities that will leave you mind blown.

To top it off, with these 4 FREE activities, you wouldn’t need to stretch your budget at all!

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