Government To Strengthen Support For Young Families

Government To Strengthen Support For Young Families

Manpower Minister Josephine Teo said on Tuesday (February 5) that the Singaporean government will aim to strengthen support for young families, especially when it comes to childcare provision.

The minister said that the government has been working on strengthening support in the following areas:

  • availability of childcare
  • ensuring accessibility and quality
  • keeping fees affordable

She pointed out that childcare places have more than doubled since 2012, noting that the rate at which they have expanded is a “definite difference”.

Mrs Teo also said that in some communities, the fertility rate has shown signs of improvement.

Meanwhile, the government receives consistent feedback to strengthen some areas of support that the government will continue to work on. These include:

  • housing support
  • childcare
  • flexible work arrangements

Singapore’s total fertility rate dropped to 1.16 in 2017, the nation’s second lowest rate ever recorded. The figures for 2018 are yet to be finalised.


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