Grab To Delay S$4 Cancellation Fee Until March 25

Grab To Delay S$4 Cancellation Fee Until March 25

Grab has delayed the implementation of its new ride cancellation policy. Instead of March 11, the policy will now come into effect on March 25.

Under the new policy, passengers will have to pay a S$4 penalty if they cancel a ride more than five minutes after securing a booking.

Source: Grab

Passengers who use the ride-sharing service GrabShare will incur the S$4 penalty if they cancel more than three minutes after securing a ride.

According to Grab, the delay was made so that users will have sufficient time to adjust to the new policy.

What happens when drivers cancel on passengers?

Since Grab announced that the S$4 cancellation fee will be pocketed by drivers as compensation, users have asked if they will be compensated if their drivers cancel on them.

Grab has stated on their website that while they have processes in place to ensure drivers do not cancel on passengers, in the event that it happens, passengers will be compensated with 100 GrabReward points. The points will be automatically reallocated with the next available and closest driver.

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