Guide to Bargains and Second-hand Shopping in Singapore


It’s not easy to escape the consumerist culture of Singapore. New shops seem to pop up in the city at a much faster rate than your paycheque. Nevertheless, if you do need or want to shop, here are some bargain and second hand shopping places to check out.

Trust me, the feeling of triumph when you score a pre-loved S$10 work shirt that looks as a good as new is priceless.


Thrift stores

Nothing beats the good ole thrift store when it comes to the full physical and emotional thrill of rummaging through racks and stumbling across a gem. Thrift stores aren’t that common in Singapore, but there are a few worth checking out.


This thrift store has been around since 2000 and is managed by the Singapore Council of Women’s Organisations (SCWO) and is run entirely by volunteers. Items start from as low as $1, and even then, the store also runs promotions where you can get 50% off on items above $2. Find clothes for men and women, as well as books and bric-a-brac.

Another plus point about shopping here is that all proceeds go to support SCWO initiatives, so you’re not the only getting a bargain but contributing to a good social cause too.

Note though, that the store is open only from Mondays to Fridays, 10.30am-2.30pm. Lunchtime shopping, anyone?

Salvation Army Singapore

The Salvation Army Singapore has a number of thrift shops. The Praisehaven Family store in Bukit Timah is large and well stocked. Items are organized according to categories don’t worry about diving through piles of unrelated things. Expect to find clothes, antique vases, spectacles, furniture, and even wedding dresses.

Something worth mentioning is that from now till 31 August 2016, ShopBack Singapore will make a $10 donation to The Salvation Army for every first purchase made by users who sign up for a free account with them. No minimum spend is required from user to initiate the gifting. Why not take this chance to be a good samaritans as we shop this GSS season?

To foster the spirit of giving and buying this GSS, ShopBack Singapore will be raising the Cashback tier from up to 30% to 40% for the Good ShopBack Samaritans. They will also get to enjoy exclusive voucher codes to help them save more as they shop from over 500 online stores such as Taobao, Guardian, Expedia and Cathay Cineplexes.


Online Marketplaces


This relatively new online marketplace is where you can find anything from a used iPhone and microwave to new or secondhand bags and clothes.  You can set price filters and look for a $5 dress, and read reviews of the seller posted by previous buyers so you know what you’re getting into.


This long-time online classifieds is a good place to source for secondhand electronics such as mobile phones and cameras, and household appliances.  Postings are added frequently every day, so it wouldn’t take long till you catch a good deal.

There aren’t buyer or seller reviews though, so buy at your discretion.


Lazada is an online retailer that sells just about anything from watches, clothes, and cameras to second hand and refurbished laptops. Think of it as being Amazon-like. One of the plus points about shopping for used items on Lazada is that they offer buyer protection in many cases, so if the refurbished laptop you purchased for $300 doesn’t work, you can get your money-back.

Furthermore, the site also holds sales and promotions so you’ll get an extra-sweetened deal.  

To further exploit more on this, use a credit card that gives you higher rewards! Credit cards nowadays have adapted to consumers’ spending pattern and giving out generous cashback or rewards points for online shopping. For instance the Citibank Rewards Card gives 10X rewards points and up to 40% discounts from major online shopping sites, or the Standard Chartered SingPost Platinum Card also giving out 7% cashback on every dollar spent online that comes with a price guarantee promise!


Outlet and Designer Shopping

IMM Outlet Mall

For those wishing and hoping that Singapore will have outlet malls like that of the U.S, the IMM Outlet Mall may suffice for now. Touted as Singapore’s largest outlet mall, you’d be able score great deals on designer and mass brands.

Find labels such as Coach, agnés b, and Desigual offering discounts of up to 70%. For those who eschew branded goods, there are non-designer options like Cotton On and World of Sports.


Most lovers of designer goods would have already heard of Reebonz, which offers authentic designer bags, accessories and clothes at lower prices than the brick-and-mortar retail shops. Those wanting a steal should check the site or subscribe to updates of half-year sales or additional markdowns of up to 50%.

The site also has a pre-owned section where you can find second hand items in good, and sometimes pristine condition.

Also, shop with a credit card that gives rewards or rebates, such as the Citibank Rewards Cards, which actually gives you 10 times the rewards for every dollar spent on online shopping websites. 



So we all know about ikea for cheap furniture. But surely there’s a way to furnish your home affordably with pieces that are actually not mass-produced?

Hock Siong & Co. sells used furniture and eclectic kitchenware that wouldn’t break the bank. Besides, this treasure trove situated in an industrial building actually gets their goodies from hotels. So effectively, you get a chance to doll up your home with quality designer furniture that had once graced the floors and walls of hotels.

Whether on or offline, options for a good deal or two are aplenty in Singapore. While it’s certainly prudent to want and buy less, buying a bag or a sofa doesn’t necessarily have to be a guilt trip if you just know where to look.


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