Higher Healthcare Subsidies Coming Your Way

Higher Healthcare Subsidies Coming Your Way

The Ministry of Health (MOH) recently revised the means-tested income criteria for healthcare subsidies and as a result, more than 365,000 citizens will get higher healthcare subsidies.

Set to be implemented by October this year, the revision sees the raising of income ceiling for each subsidy tier (ranging from S$100 to S$300).

The eligibility for healthcare subsidies is based on the monthly per-capita household income (PCHI) of Singaporeans.

What comes under this revision?

  • MediShield Life premiums
  • Drugs at polyclinics and public specialist outpatient clinics
  • Seniors’ Mobility and Enabling Fund
  • Community Health Assist Scheme (CHAS)

What should you do to get the subsidies?

  • Nothing

Yes, nothing. The service providers and scheme administrators will automatically extend the subsidies to those eligible.

Although, it would not hurt to be vigilant and make sure that your service providers have done the necessary.


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