Holiday Rentals – A Smarter Way to Get Vacation Accommodation

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So you are sick and tired of your old, boring routine and you desperately need to get out of Singapore for a vacation. As hard working Singaporeans juggling loan repayments and dodging debt obligations on a daily basis, it is only human to dream of a beautiful, lengthy vacation to recharge your body and mind. However, nearly all the finest vacationing hotspots around the world tend to have hotel room tariffs that could hijack your financial peace of mind and that your break would become a stressful nightmare and you would probably be buried in debt by the time you come back.

Paying ridiculous amounts per night on average hotels just because those hotels are in the prettiest cities in the world, including Singapore, is totally frivolous. You definitely do not get your money’s worth. Now, if you are thinking that I am about to pull your dreams down a notch by suggesting local holiday destinations, you are absolutely incorrect.

What I am about to suggest is going to make you happy rather than doubtful because I do not want such ridiculous tariffs to choke the wanderlust in you.

Holiday rentals, in case you were wondering, are much better and cheaper than hotels. They make you feel like you are not too far away from the comfort of your home wherever you go. Wanderlust-stricken Singaporean travelers can choose from vacation homes, timeshare properties, or spare condo/apartment rooms. And they are available in all forms – single room, double room, villa, semi-furnished, and fully-furnished. All in all, holiday rentals give you a customized vacation shelter at a much lower cost as compared to hotels.

If you already are not convinced that hotels are a bad idea because not only are they expensive but they are also tiny, cell-like living spaces that make most of us claustrophobic, here are few other reasons why a holiday rental is a much better option:

  1. Cheaper Rates

Usually, when you book an average-sized condo, chances are that you would definitely be able to save up to 50% on the money you would have spent had you booked a hotel room. Even booking huge villas is a cheaper option as they also end up in saving around 20% of the money you would have spent on a hotel room.

  1. More Spacious

Another big difference between hotels and holiday rentals is the amount of living space you get for the price you pay. You get much bigger spaces as compared to cramped up hotel rooms.

  1. Freedom to Cook

The thing with holiday rentals is that you have a kitchen at your disposal. This way, you do not have to have all your meals outside which can get very expensive. When you need to do some budgeting or are just a little sick of outside food, you can kick back and cook a simple meal at home.

  1. Convenient Booking

While the concept of holiday rentals might not be as popular as booking hotels, it is as easy as booking a hotel room. Popular hotels quickly get booked past capacity It can also be booked online through portals like AirBnb and Hostelworld without any hiccups, and may or may not require paying a deposit.

  1. No Shortage of Amenities

Just because you are not living in a hotel does not mean you have to compensate for it by not having swimming pools and other such holiday related activities. There are condos available with a private beach or a hot tub, a full staff that includes a chauffeur, chef, and a concierge.

I am sure that by now I have convinced you that holiday rentals are a much better option in more than one ways. Here is a list of some popular holiday rental websites:

While booking a holiday rental, you would have to keep a few things in mind and not just the price of the condo:

  1. Unlike a hotel, holiday rental homes do not have a 24/7 help desk. If you have a problem, it might not be promptly addressed even if the owners live in the premises.
  2. Mostly, there is no housekeeping so you would have to do your dirty work like making your bed by yourself.
  3. Apart from a house, nothing else is taken care of. You would need to carry your own toiletries, towels and everything else that you need.
  4. Renting a car is a smart decision while staying at holiday rentals.
  5. Always go by the review written by other users of a place than by its photographs which could be very deceiving.

If you keep these few things in mind while choosing a holiday rental property, nothing can keep you from having the time of your life without draining away your precious earnings.

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