How can you use the life-changing S$500 SkillsFuture credit?


If you’re a Singaporean aged over 25, you probably know by now that you have a S$500 SkillsFuture credit, waiting to be used and exchanged for some real useful skills that you’ve always wanted to pick up.   If you’re one of those with multiple interests and a desire to learn everything that you possibly can, this S$500 enables you to get a taste of everything from photography to baking, coding, and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

If it’s been a while since you last thought about learning something new, the thousands of courses from over 500 training providers may very well overwhelm you.  Fret not, and consider these interesting courses that are bound to enhance your personal and professional life.

Do cool geeky stuff and be the next big thing

  • Learn how to create mobile apps

Do you want to learn how to create mobile apps with no coding knowledge? Look to Coursera’s self-paced course- The CODAPPS: Coding mobile apps for entrepreneurs.  This well-reviewed online course will teach you how to make, test, and distribute your mobile apps, and even covers basic coding so that you can make your apps even more feature-rich.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur or on your way to being one, this may be a good way to get introduced to the world of app-creation. As it’s a self-paced course, you don’t have to worry about not making it for deadlines.

Cost:  49 USD for full access to materials and a shareable certificate

  •  Learn to code

These days, it seems as if you aren’t quite from the 21st century if you don’t know how to code.  Even if you have no ambitions to enter the heavenly gates of Facebook or Google, learning how to code is like learning a whole new language that allows you to create a myriad of possibilities and solutions, such as eliminating world hunger and violence.

If you want to get a taste of what it’s like, Code Yourself! An Introduction to Programming by Coursera is a good way to start.

Cost:  49 USD for full access to materials and a shareable certificate

Discover your artistic side

  • Rekindle your rockstar dreams

So you used to be a guitar heartthrob in school before the adult world came crashing down on you?  Time to give your rockstart dreams another stab!

LASELLE’s Rock School for beginner/intermediate musicians allows you to gain experience playing in a band. Get to meet like-minded people and learn to play and perform together in a rock band.  The course is taught by professional musicians, and you get to develop your pop and rock music skills (instrumental or vocal), as well as learn performance techniques.

Cost:  $480 for 8 classes

  • Learn abstract painting

Explore Western abstract painting and give your mind the artistic nutrients it craves.   The course touches on the various themes in abstract art, such as the expression of power and wealth, alienation and destruction.  There are altogether four short courses covering different aspects of abstract painting, including a course on painting without object. You may just find yourself on a whole new life path as an artist, and if not, at least gain a whole new perspective of modern art and will no longer leave a contemporary art museum feeling perplexed.

Cost: $540 per course

Invest like a pro

  • Learn how to invest in emerging markets

An Introduction to Emerging Markets and Investment is an online course run by the Singapore Exchange Academy. It gives insights on emerging markets and how they work, with an additional focus on China.  The course also outlines the risks of emerging markets, and explains various aspects of investment.

This course is apt for beginners with an interest expanding their breadth and depth of knowledge in developing markets.

Cost: $160

  • Go deeper into Investment Management

If you’re a beginner in investing but want to get a good grounding, the Financial Markets and Investment Strategy specialization course on Coursera will probably be what you need.  The specialization includes four courses and a project to give you the depth that you need.  Topics include the basics of finance, risk and return evaluation, behavioral aspects, as well as current trends.

Cost: 355 USD for the specialization or USD 79 per course

Learn to give your family and friends a treat

  • Give massages

If you’re a massage junkie yourself, the thought of learning how to massage may have probably crossed your mind. There is a wide range of massages that you can learn, from TCM massage to Swedish and oil massage. One of the many training providers is the Singapore Spa Institute, which offers courses in massages as well as other spa services like waxing.  Sign up, and you may just find yourself getting mysteriously popular amongst your friends.

Cost: Varies

  • Bake really nice stuff

French pastry making is no longer an impossible dream.  SkillsHQ offers a course in French Pastry and Baking Techniques so you can fill your weekends, kitchen, and Instagram account with the irresistible aroma and visuals of wonderful cakes, tarts, and breads.  Who knows, you may just be dreaming of opening your own cozy café next.

Cost: $240

To search for the course of your dream, simply log on to the SkillsFuture website.  The initial credit amount is S$500, but the government will top up your account periodically.  Also, credits do not expire so you can always take up courses when you feel the time is right.   Happy learning!

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