How to Make a Travel Insurance Claim in Singapore

It is very important for a travel insurance holder to have a complete grasp on how to deal with travel emergencies and with the claim payment process

Are you still wondering how to make a successful travel insurance claim? It is very important for a travel insurance holder to have a complete grasp on how to deal with travel emergencies and with the claim payment process. There are lots of elements to be considered in the travel insurance field, the following outline will facilitate you with the standard travel insurance claim procedure.

Things To Do In Case Of a Travel Emergency

Be proactive and contact the nearest local hospital if the emergency needs  immediate medical assistance. Your well being and security should be given the highest priority.

In case of theft or robbery, contact immediately the local authorities and inform them of your difficulties. At this point, it will be better to notify your insurance company. Insurance companies are obliged to assist you in order to prevail over the given emergency.

Required Documentation for Your Travel Insurance Claim

It is just normal that specific documentation and information should be given to your travel insurance company. The more information and documentation you provide to your insurance company, the more your claim will likely to be honoured and approved. Insurance companies vary in their requirements to process a claim.  Nevertheless, be organised and document meticulously to smoothen out your claim payment process. Below are the documents that most insurance companies will likely to request:

  • Personal Identification documents, such as Passport and NRIC.
  • Travel Claim Form  – this can be obtained from the website of the travel insurance company. The claim form should be filled up correctly and entirely.
  • Travel Programme
  • Flight tickets and boarding passes
  • Luggage information – this is imperative in case of missing or damaged luggage claims. Set up a comprehensive list of the items inside your luggage together with their value. You can also add some pictures of your damaged luggage.
  • Medical documentation – which means medical report, death certificate, etc.,  applicable for medical or death insurance claims.
  • Police Report – for theft cases
  • Bills and Invoices –  which include hotel bills and other receipts connected with the emergency.
  • Airline Notifications – or any statement released by the airline company to inform of delays or any other related problems with your flight.

The Standard Travel Insurance Claim Procedure in Singapore

Below is a concise illustration of the standard travel insurance claim procedure in Singapore:

  • Contact and notify your travel insurance company as the emergency arises. Provide all the possible details about your difficulty.
  • Fill up the travel claim form immediately.
  • Organise and sort out all the relevant documents in relation to the emergency, from receipts of every kind, medical reports and pictures.
  • Submit the claim form and all your relevant documentation to the travel insurance company via email, fax or online.
  • At this point, your claim will be evaluated and considered. You will be reimbursed if your claim gets approval.
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