Is It Really The Good Life?

Christmas-presentMost banks currently offer rewards for using their product, especially the credit card, but as a card holder, are you really enjoying the good life, or are you simply increasing your monthly cost?

Credit cards are perfect for emergency use, but to make the most of the reward system, one would need to incorporate use of the card into their daily or weekly routine. To take full advantage of the rewards, you must select the card that best fits your lifestyle and spending pattern.

Using a credit card that does not fit your lifestyle would have negative impact on your monthly costs.  It is important to look at the variety of options, the amount of reward and that it is not something that will essentially affect your savings.

Standard Chartered Bank Singapore sells the idea of ‘The Good Life’ through their reward programme that comes with owning their credit, debit or MANHATTAN Card. And here’s how the good life begins:


Eating out is a cost that one should factor into the monthly budget, especially when you are a frequent restaurant patron, which is often the case in fast-paced lifestyles. The Good Life’s list of restaurants is impressive, ranging from high-end restaurants to takeaway franchises – and most rewards range between 10% and 15% off the total bill. This equates to a fairly decent saving if you are spending $200 or more on dining monthly.


When it comes to promotions, most people will look out for purchases that they make regularly. One of the regular retail purchases made by cardholders are hair and cosmetic products, which are offered at discounts of 10% and 20%, while health supplement products from Nature’s Farm are at a 20% discount. These savings added together can leave a positive impact on your monthly budget.


Spa treatments and visits to the chiropractor can be costly when needed regularly, but big discounts in this department make it more affordable. A good example is the $20 chiropractic spinal analysis and adjustment – which saves you $170. You can even bring a friend or family member to enjoy the same discounted price.

Travel and leisure:

When it comes to holidays or short getaways, discounts for accommodation and flights are what most people want to see being offered by their credit card. These two make up the biggest portion of your holiday spending. Though, this is not necessarily something that one will benefit from on a monthly basis, but the discount can definitely help cardholders save the most during the holiday season.

Rewards to take note of, like Visa Infinite, are an invitation to Hilton HHonors Gold status, 15% discounts on HotelClub, as well as 40% discount off Avis car rental.


The Good Life is definitely there for the taking – with a good mix of daily savings and larger rewards when it comes to travel and leisure. It’s worth taking some time to really go through the perks and benefits that come with your credit card to make sure that the range of retail stores, restaurants and spas and salons are easily accessible to you.

The Good Life programme is most suitable for families and couples with their varied benefits and discounts to satisfy the whole family. With most of the rewards for fashion, beauty and treatments, a female card user can easily maximise the rewards for the card, and save some cash while pampering herself.

Most importantly, when using your credit card for your daily expenses, make sure to calculate the interest that you may have to pay on your balance to ensure your savings outweigh the cost.


All information in this article was source by iMoney Singapore without any direct contact or fact verification with the banks mentioned.

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