World Cup Fantasy Comes True at A Dream Price


Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’d know that The Beautiful Game makes its long-awaited grand return on the world stage once again in Brazil this year. Yes, the FIFA World Cup 2014 is all set to storm the TV screens of football fans and the lives of the football fanatics who come to catch the action live this summer.

Although you could not ask for a more perfect setting for a football World Cup than the ever-vibrant lands of Brazil where this sport is absolutely worshipped, Singaporean football enthusiasts are stuck in a dilemma because of the egregious expenses they will incur making a trip to Brazil for a couple of weeks.

Perhaps it’s better to wait out 4 more years for the next World Cup edition of your beloved sport rather than part with your beloved belongings to fund the trip? Well, the answer is a loud and resonating NO! It’s time we intruded into your financially paranoid conscience with our vuvuzelas and wake you up from your premature, delusional bad dreams. The reason being that you can still accomplish your dream trip to Brazil this summer even on a moderately frugal budget and experience an unforgettable string of colorful memories that will give you a treasure trove of bedtime stories to your grand kids one day.

Now there are ways to accomplish your frugal fantasy trip to Brazil:-

a)      Choosing the hassle-free tour package route to save a few bucks.

b)      Efficiently researching and customizing your trip with the best deals possible without any middlemen involved and saving a fortune.

The 2014 FIFA World Cup is scheduled to kick off on 12th June and will conclude on 13th July. Most football enthusiasts opt to show up for the second or third leg of the tournament rather than stretch their stay for the entire competition, which means their vacation duration lasts between 7-14 days.

In case you have opted for a super-convenient budget tour package for your trip, you will probably have to shell out $6,500 to $8,000 per person for a 14-day trip across 3 Brazilian cities. However, for those bold enough to devise their own travel plans, here is an essential budget breakdown to ensure maximum travel savings and minimal headaches.

Flight Costs

You can choose from a variety of popular online travel portals such as TripAdvisor, Wego, Kayak and Skyscanner to conduct a comparative analysis of flight options to book the most economic deals. However, you absolutely cannot afford to play the waiting game for booking your flight since prices are speculated to skyrocket as the World Cup season gets closer and closer. The most economic current round-trip flights from Singapore to Brazil will set you back by $2179-$2380. So whip out your credit card right away and book your tickets to the promised lands of football glory.

Buying the Match Tickets

The month-long, multi-city tournament is a spectacle of epic proportions, which is why the ticketing process is appropriately complex; however, it is efficiently laid out to cater to every need imaginable of both hardcore and casual football fans. Here is the official price chart for individual match tickets that are on sale on the official 2014 FIFA World Cup website:

Additionally, you can also avail the Venue Specific Ticketing Series and Match Specific Ticketing Series scheme depending upon your preferred city and favorite football team.


Accommodation Costs

As a budget traveler, the smartest choice of accommodation for you is to stay in a hostel for a mere $15-$30 even in key cities like Sao Paolo and Rio de Janeiro. However, if you are traveling in a significantly big group, then renting out a roomier apartment with better amenities is an equally economic option.

Wining and Dining Budget

Brazil features palatable cuisines from all around the world that will tingle your taste buds without pinching your wallets. The massive influx of global tourists for this multi-cultural event will also encourage the development of a number of sports bars that serve cheap alcohol and food to their football fanatic patrons. In Brazil, you can comfortably live off  $30 per day budget for your daily dining as long as you avoid the posh restaurants.

Domestic Transport

Taxi and car rental services in Brazil are pricey and the only time you will actually need them will be to transfer you from the airport to your hostel or hotel, which will set your travel budget back by $62. In order to avoid the intense traffic during World Cup season, it is recommended to sort out cheap budget flights for inter-city travel to save gas money. Make the public bus transport system your best friend as it will efficiently get you to and fro across the city for as low as $1.50. The subway is another fantastic hassle-free transport medium to get you to the match venues for less than $4.


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