MediShield Life Now Covers Three New Areas

MediShield Life Now Covers Three New Areas

The Ministry of Health (MOH) announced o Wednesday (November 7) that MediShield Life coverage has been extended in three areas.

These areas are:

  • Admission from a public hospital’s emergency department to a community hospital. Patients who are directly admitted to community hospitals can now claim up to S$350 a day from MediShield Life. Previously, only patients that were transferred from an acute hospital to a community hospital were covered.
  • Coverage for trisomy 18 and alobar holoprosencephaly. Surgical interventions for these two rare congenital conditions are now covered by Medishield Life.
  • Coverage for long-term parenteral nutrition. Patients who require intravenous nutrition will be able to claim up to S$1,700 a month from MediShield Life and withdraw up to S$200 per month from MediSave for parenteral nutrition bags and consumables.

No increases in premiums have been made, but a review of premiums will be conducted by the end of 2020.

MOH said that they will continue to review Medishield Life to ensure that Singaporeans are protected against large hospital bills and selected outpatient treatments.

Patients who still cannot afford their bills after subsidies provided under Medishield Life and Medisave can apply for Medifund.

“No Singaporean will be denied appropriate healthcare due to the inability to pay,” added MOH.


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