Motivations for Denied Travel Insurance Claims in Singapore

The most frustrating part happens when your travel insurance claim gets denied and fails to cover what you have imagined.

Nowadays, a travel insurance has become one of the essential parts to thrust in the luggage of  resourceful travellers.  This is so because people would like to have all the serenity, protection against the unpredicted and concern for their wellbeing whenever they are out of the country.  However, the most frustrating part happens  when your travel insurance claim gets denied and fails to cover what you have imagined.  The following are some of the usual motivations why certain claims are not honoured by travel insurance companies in Singapore.

Notification Failure

The most essential aspect of organising a travel insurance claim is to get in touch, call or contact your insurance company providing them detailed information of the emergency in question. It is imperative that your insurance company knows the difficulty in which you are involved as soon as possible.  This way, the insurance company can provide you with all the necessary assistance and can find the appropriate solution to your needs.

Improper Motivation

Your travel insurance claim may be denied or disapproved  if the motivation for such a claim is improper or unreasonable or if it involves something that the insurance does not cover. Insignificant and trifling concerns are often not considered. The reason for such a conduct is to make certain that persons who have a travel insurance do not take unjust profit from the insurance company.

Motivation Not Covered by the Insurance Policy

It is better to study your travel insurance policy so that you will have a complete knowledge of all the events that are covered and not covered by the insurance company. The usual exclusions include self-inflicted injuries and miscarriage.

Delay in Insurance Claims

Time is important.  It is one of the key elements in the success of your claim. Your insurance company may not honour your claim if there is a delay in lodging it. Furthermore, the insurer may also consider  your claim null and void. In the event you find yourself in a thorny or complicated situation, making it difficult to make a claim in the prescribed form and within a certain period of time, try to inform the travel insurance company of your situation.

Inadequate Documentation

Accurate and exhaustive documentation is an essential factor in every insurance claim. This means that the more documents you can generate to demonstrate the event which prompted you to cancel your trip the better. Furthermore, be sure to make copies of all  the original documents you submit to your insurance company.

Late Acquisition of Travel Insurance

As soon as you’re ready with your flight tickets, that is the appropriate time to buy your travel insurance policy. Take note that only future events will be covered by your travel insurance, events that will take place after you’ve purchased your travel insurance.

Nonetheless, be sure to do your very best to protect yourself and  your personal belongings and to observe all the necessary actions to steer clear of travel cancellations and missed flights, lost or stolen luggage and medical emergencies.

Ascertain that you are dealing with a registered and trustworthy insurance company in order to ensure a straightforward and smooth claim payment process.  Additionally, take your time in comprehending all the terms in the travel insurance policy so you know ahead of time what to do in case of problems.

In the event you are not happy with the reimbursement provided to you or your insurance claim gets denied for unreasonable motivations, you may file a complaint to the Disputes Resolution Organisation (IDRO) which was created to resolve consumer disputes or to the Financial Industry Disputes (FIDRec) .  You can also seek for advice or assistance to the Consumers Association of Singapore.

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