Some Companies Offer Parental Leave Up To 26 Weeks In Singapore

Some Companies Offer Parental Leave Up To 26 Weeks In Singapore

Among the benefits the Singaporean workforce currently enjoys are paid 16-week maternity leave and 2-week paternity leave, giving the new parents some bonding time with their new-born.

Apart from providing the time needed for parents to adjust to their new routine, the paid leaves offer welcome relief on the financial front.

However, the existing leave period means fathers have less leave days and are expected to return to office sooner than their spouse resulting in less paternal support.

On par with the recent global outcry for longer paid parental leaves so that both parents can play equal parts in raising their baby, many companies have revised their policies and are offering a more wholesome package to their employees.

Recently, British alcoholic beverage firm Diageo announced its move to extend the parental leave to both male and female employees.

Many multinational companies have also made similar moves to retain their talent pool including several in Singapore.

Companies with paid parental leaves that extend beyond 16 weeks in Singapore

CompanyMaternity leavePaternity leave
Diageo26 weeks26 weeks
Bloomberg26 weeks26 weeks
Aviva16 weeks16 weeks
Prudential6 months3 weeks
Societe Generale20 weeks3 weeks
However, the companies listed above are still in the minority. Majority of companies still stick to offering 16-week leave for mothers and 2-week leave for fathers.



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