Planning a Classy Wedding On a Frugal Budget


Marriage is a monumental turning point in the life of every individual, which is why society puts so much emphasis on making the event as unforgettably special as possible. Unfortunately, the materialistic roots in our culture have warped the interpretation of “special” and made it synonymous with opulent and fashionable.

Young Singaporean couples already face the pressure from a buffet of financial loans and investment challenges by the time they get ready to tie the knot. It’s no surprise that many young financially savvy Singaporeans are opting out of the conventionally grandiose wedding party tradition in favor of a more frugal arrangement.

What will surprise you though is the fact that frugal weddings can be just as picture perfect as the dream wedding you always imagined to be a part of. Today, we will give betrothed Singaporeans some essential financial tips for organizing the ultimate frugal wedding.

1. Visit Wedding Blogs & Forums

Although wedding planning websites may appear to be the go-to gateways for couples, they don’t do a great job at putting the experience in perspective. This is where blogs and forums such as romance-fire and Singapore Brides do a great job at addressing your personal questions, providing detailed testimonials and sharing useful contacts.

2. Devising a Bulletproof Budget

Even though it may sound like the most obvious and easy-to-follow suggestion, it’s still the most violated commandment in the Bible of frugal wedding planners. Once you draw out the blueprint for your lean wedding, I suggest you frame it in a bulletproof glass box, lock it and dispose of the key permanently.

Wedding suppliers count on exploiting couples who don’t mind offering some flexibility in their wedding budget. If you stick to a rigid and infallible budget since the start, there is a slim chance that you will end up being a victim of the sunk cost fallacy and overspend a lot more than you had in mind.

3. Put a Stop to Your Buying Spree

Opting for a small banquet hall, a sizeable backyard or a beach for your wedding venue can help you cut costs down significantly. Everything from tables, fancy china, sculptures, tuxedos and wedding gowns can be rented at bargain prices. When you add up your savings, you’ll be shocked to see that your expenditure for these things will be almost a quarter of the cost of buying them.

4. Scheduling the Event at Off-Peak Hours

Another commonly embraced marriage stereotype followed by couples is that of hosting dinner receptions. A morning wedding followed by a lunch reception is a great way of slashing your wedding costs. This is because venue reservation and booking live bands is less expensive during off-peak hours.

Additionally, you can also save a chunk of moolah in alcohol expenses since most drinking enthusiasts are reluctant to do so in the morning and day hours. 

5. Cost-effective Wedding Decor

While classy wedding planners and veteran décor experts do a magnificent job at perfecting the ambience of your special day, their invoice will surely leave you sweating for days after your special day has gone.

You can save thousands of dollars by hiring eager students from reputed design schools such as NAFA and La Selle who will dedicatedly work to give you great décor services for shining up their portfolio.

6. Ordering a Designer Wedding Cake From the Right Place

The wedding cake is the next grand highlight of the event right after you’ve exchanged your vows. Even though boutique bakeries and dessert specialists offer some of the most awe-inspiring and delicious cake designs, their services come at a hefty price.

Prestigious baking schools like Shermay’s Cooking School and the Culinary Institute of America provide a fantastic cost-effective alternative to Singaporeans searching for the perfect designer wedding cake. You can contact them in advance or personally meet some students yourself to negotiate a solid deal for your wedding party.


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