Singapore Police Force: Don’t Fall For Email Extortion Scams

Singapore Police Force: Don’t Fall For Email Extortion Scams

The Singapore Police Force said on Monday (October 29) that they have received more than 15 police reports since September involving email extortion scams.

The victims had received emails from unknown email accounts or those resembling their own.

The scammers had tried to extort victims by claiming to possess screenshots of the victim watching pornographic material, or that the victims’ computers had been infected with malware that were monitoring their online activities, or even that they had gotten the victims’ contacts from social networking platforms. Some scammers also claimed that they had access to the victims’ email account passwords.

The police advised the public to ignore any demands for payments.

Precautions you can take to reduce the risk of online scams include covering the camera of your computer when not in use, keeping your computers’ and mobile devices’ security up to date, and enabling the Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) function on your email accounts.


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