Scam Alert: E-Commerce Scams Rampant In Singapore

Scam Alert: E-Commerce Scams Rampant In Singapore

Hotel room reservations and tickets to theme parks and other attractions are among the top targets for scammers in Singapore.

According to the Singapore Police Force, more than 100 e-commerce scams have been reported in the first four months of the year.

People easily fall for scams involving Universal Studios Singapore tickets and with June school holidays having just begun, it is wise to be alert when you make online purchases involving attraction tickets.

Out of the 2000 cases reported in 2018, 70% took place on Carousell.

Tips to avoid online scams:

1. Refrain from making impulse purchases.
2. Be extra careful with online advertisements that sound ‘too good to be true’.
3. Do not fall for scammer’s fake ID.
4. Read the reviews of the seller before purchasing.
5. Avoid making payments in advance. You can use cash-on-delivery (COD) services.
6. Verify if the seller is an authorised seller/agent.


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