SCAM ALERT: Woman Scams Singaporeans Of  S$700,000

SCAM ALERT: Woman Scams Singaporeans Of S$700,000

Singaporeans became victims of Cheong Bee Jung, 60 who claimed she could exchange the Singaporean Dollar for higher than market rate to foreign currencies such as the Malaysian Ringgit and Chinese Yuan.

She also conned people into handing over hard-earned money by promising event lots for road shows in popular shopping malls in Singapore.

According to the details read out at her court case, she had been scamming people for over a period of 7 years from 2010-2017.

It would be best for Singaporeans to be vigilant at all times to prevent getting caught in scams that can strain financial situations. Online scams that involve personal loans are rampant globally and one should always take steps to avoid being the next victim.


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