High Demand For Singapore Bicentennial S$20 Notes

High Demand For Singapore Bicentennial S$20 Notes

Singaporeans are putting in high demand for the Singapore bicentennial S$20 notes and the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) has issued an additional 2 million pieces of the notes that will be available around October or November this year.

Besides representing Singapore’s journey to nationhood, the notes also pay tribute to pioneers who paved the way for modern Singapore.

5 Interesting facts about the commemorative notes

  1. Designed by local artists Mr Eng Siak Loy and Mr Weng Ziyan.
  2. Features a multi-coloured lattice-work that reflects Singapore’s rich and diverse cultural tapestry.
  3. The front side of the note features Singapore’s first president Mr Yusof Ishak, as well as the former Supreme Court and City Hall, which now houses the National Gallery Singapore.
  4. The reverse side features 8 pioneers who made significant contributions to nation building in various fields such as education, culture, community service, sports and defence. These 8 pioneers are Mr Munshi Abdullah, Mr Henry Nicholas Ridley, Mr Tan Kah Kee, Mr P Govindasamy Pillai, Teresa Hsu Chih, Mrs Alice Pennefather, Dr Ruth Wong Hie King and Mr Adnan Saidi.
  5. The 20 denomination, Singapore Coat of Arms, Singapore bicentennial logo, and the years 1819 and 2019 are depicted in gold.

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