How Else Can You Celebrate National Day This Year?

How Else Can You Celebrate National Day This Year?

This year, Singapore’s 54th National Day will be extra special.

First, the National Day is made more meaningful with the year-long Bicentennial celebration and secondly, the National Day weekend is a long weekend. Singaporeans will be enjoying a 4-day holiday due to Hari Raya Haji which falls on Sunday (Aug 9 = National Day public holiday, Aug 11= Hari Raya Haji, Aug 12= Hari Raya Haji Replacement Public Holiday).

Considering it is a long weekend there will be enough time and energy to plan for outings and to be involved in the National Day celebration. Long weekend and plentiful outings will mean more ‘makan’ sessions and may leave you spending more than you intend.

We have come up with a few unique ways you can celebrate the National Day without reaching the bottom of your wallet.

Some of the usual activities that goes without saying when it comes to National Day is the colourful National Day Parade and the magnificent firework display.  This year, besides taking part in these wonderful activities, why not do something different and try something new to indulge in patriotism and fall in love with Singapore, yet again.

  • Join an alternative cultural celebration

I AM CITIZEN, being presented by The Local People and the Singapore Land Authority on 9 August will give you a cultural night full of what makes Singapore unique, wholesome and colourful. Local makers, artists, and musicians will be joining hands and transform the Old St. Andrews Mission Hospital.

Some of the exciting activities at I AM CITIZEN:

Besides being scintillated with all things local this National Day at I AM CITIZEN, you will also be supporting the talents and businesses of local talents and growing businesses. Now, that is definitely one way of showing patriotism with fellow Singaporeans.

  • Participate in interactive and hands-on activities

The Singapore Sports Hub is bringing a whole bunch of activities with nominal cost or no cost at all for Singaporeans this National Day. Focusing on physical as well as mental activities for kids, youngsters and families, it would definitely be the perfect spot if you love outdoors and want to spend time with friends or families.

Some of the activities are:

  • RED-X Challenge

The adrenaline-inducing hurdle race will keep you hyped and active on August 9. For those who want to sweat it out, well you will get just that. You will be required to complete a total of 200 reps of all the stations on land and sand dunes to complete the challenge and be rewarded your badge of honour.

What’s more, registration is free and the first 200 finishers will get a special edition RED-X Games Dry Bag worth S$20.

Participants will be playing games made popular in the good old days. To make it more fun, you should bring your kids and make this a learning experience as well. Enough of telling them the stories of your glorious childhood games, it is now time to show them and involve them as well. Apart from that, the games will also incorporate the making of Singapore, its people as well as the elements of the modern nation we are today.

With registration fee at just S$5.40 per participant, you will be going back with memories worth more than that as well as an exclusive OHANA Games T-shirt and tote bag upon completion.

  • Crafts Workshops

Participants will get to get their hands dirty and dive into the crafts of yesteryears and the modern world. You will be doing more than creating arts; you will be learning on what makes Singapore special and unique. You could also register your kids to teach them the fine arts and patience. Some of the workshops are hands-on monogramming, screen printing, leather making and wax sealing.

  • Spend some time amongst our national flora and live music

Gardens by the Bay will be hosting several programmes that might lure you to visit the Orchid Extravaganza floral display in Flower Dome of Gardens by the Bay.

Singaporean singer-songwriter Dick Lee will be adding a special touch to the display with a unique ‘Our SingaPop’ edition from 26 July to 15 September. From 2 to 4 August and 16 to 18 August, you can witness the live performances of 2 local fables which are The Scourge of the Swordfish and The Friendly Snake. You can also enjoy a special edition of Garden Rhapsody, the well-known and liked light and music show.

Cheers to a unique and meaningful National Day 2019!

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