Singaporean Workers Among The Most Stressed Globally

Singaporean Workers Among The Most Stressed Globally

Singapore leads another world ranking – this time, it’s for being stressed in the workplace.

Almost 92% of Singaporeans in a study reported being stressed from work, higher than the global average of 84%.

Cigna 360 Well-Being Survey, which looked at 13,200 respondents in 23 markets, noted that 13% of Singaporeans say their stress in unmanageable, which is on par with the global average.

55% of Singaporeans respondents reported noticing the stress that their co-workers experience. Being aware of workplace stress made 30% of the respondents more conscious about managing their own stress.

Declining physical wellness

Singaporeans’ physical wellness index dipped by 4.4% from last year, which is attributed to an increase in sleepless nights.

Out of the 23 countries surveyed, Singapore ranked at the fifth lowest on the wellness index, which measures five key indices – family, financial, physical, social and work. This year, Singapore’s wellness index inched lower by 1.7 points.

Women experience more unmanageable stress

While women were slightly less stressed than men, those who suffer from stress find it more unmanageable. This leads to a neglect in physical health: 54% of women feel physically healthy compared to 56% of men.

71% of women felt like they worked in an ‘always on’ environment in which there was a constant need to attend to work matters, compared to 66% of men.

Singaporeans feel unprepared for old age

Only 31% of Singaporean respondents say that they are financially ready for old age. Most Singaporeans (67%) anticipate still working at an old age. However, only 32% predicted that companies would still be willing to hire them.

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