Surge In Scam Cases Pushes Up Overall Crime In 2018

Surge In Scam Cases Pushes Up Overall Crime In 2018

The total number of reported crimes increased by 1.4% in 2018 to 33,134 cases, the police said on Wednesday (February 20).

The number of reported scams surged by 20.6% to 5,796 in 2018, compared to 4,805 cases in 2017.

E-commerce scams are the most common scams, with 2,215 cases accounting for almost 37% of all reported scams. 70% of of the e-commerce scams took place on online marketplace Carousell. According to the police, common scams on the platform involved electronic products and tickets to events and attractions.

Other forms of scams, such as fake loans, fraudulent investment schemes, “Chinese officials” impersonation scams and lucky draw scams are on the rise as well.

Top 10 scams20172018% change
Internet love826660-20.1%
Credit for sex414544+28.7%
Investment ruse417431+3.4%
Business e-mail impersonation332378+13.9%
“Chinese officials” impersonation scam188302+60.6%
Lucky draw72159+120.8%
ICA impersonation176112-36.4%
Fraudulent subscription of cellphone lines77102+32.5%
Total no. of scams4,8055,796+20.6%

On the other hand, theft and related crimes decreased by 8.6% to 12,279 cases in 2018. The police said that the decline can be attributed to the their crime prevention efforts that include increased police presence at malls and during peak periods.


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