The Lowest Paying Job Revealed!

Would you take up a job that pays nothing? Basically there is no emergency, sick or even vacation leave? Most can answer with a definite NO! Just like the Mother’s Day video that has gone viral on social media by American Greetings, the job description of a mother versus the compensation and benefits sound wildly imbalanced on paper.

So, if it was a paying job, how much should mother’s get paid? We’ll try to put monetary value to the lowest paying job in the world a.k.a. mother (though it’s impossible to be accurate), to at least gauge the value of the job. Unconditional love aside, here is how much a full-time mother should get:

mother-infogsgTruly, our mothers worked hard and made sacrifices, so our lives would be better. There are not a lot of people willing to do that. We can never ever put a price on all that they do. The above illustrates that everything they do is unconditional and iMoney wants to take this opportunity to thank all the mothers out there and Happy Mother’s Day!

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