The Top 3 Rewards Credit Cards Worth Having in Your Wallet



Here’s a question for you – how good is your current rewards credit card?  If you’re shrugging your shoulders right now because you have no idea what perks your credit cards offer or you’re questioning the “rewards” your credit cards provide other than a 24% interest rate and a monthly statement, then you really should read on.

Credit card rewards typically offer perks such as frequent flyer miles, rewards points programmes, cash back and discounts on hotels, travel and petrol. Yes, you might have a credit card or two that offers one of the benefits above. But what sets a great rewards credit card apart is the versatility of offering multiple rewards.

Here’s a look at the top 3 rewards credit cards worth adding to your wallet or purse:

citibankrewardscardCitibank Rewards Card

The aptly named Citibank Rewards Credit Card is the top rated credit card for thrifty Singaporean shoppers looking for quick rewards points’ accumulation, generous discounts for online or offline purchases at major retailers and petrol discounts.

If you’ve read our recent review of the card, you’d know that the Citibank Rewards Credit Card is arguably the best-rounded rewards card available for consistent shoppers with diverse purchasing needs who are also good at tracking and redeeming their rewards points. It’s also very accessible, as it only requires a minimum income of $2,500 per month to qualify.

Here are the top perks you can get from the Card:





14% at Esso and Shell petrol stations islandwide Up to 40% online & offline discount at retailers such as Zalora, UNIQLO, TANGS, Luxola and Reebonz 10X rewards points or 4 air miles for every $1 spentExclusive travel discounts from Agoda, Emirates, Hertz and United AirlinesComplimentary travel insurance of up to $100,000 for flights purchased with the Card. Up to 50% at local and overseas dining establishmentsCash back rebates of up to 10% at over 700 participating F&B establishments such as Starbucks and Burger King


This is one of the best entry-level credit cards for people who are looking for rewards in their daily purchases. To earn the maximum reward points of 120,000 or 48,000 air miles a year, you would need to spend $1,000 a month. It really depends on your spending habit and your monthly expenditure.

Note: The annual fee of $193 is waived for the first year.

Think this is the right card for you? Check it out and apply now!

americanexpressAmerican Express Platinum Credit Card

The American Express Platinum Credit Card is considered by many to be the best rewards credit card out there when it comes to dining, retail and lifestyle purchases. But what really sets the AMEX Platinum Credit Card apart from the other cards on this list are its complimentary perks, which include free 12-month Far Card Classic membership (valued at $425) and Palate membership (valued at $457.96), which offer discounts of up to 50% at some of the finest restaurants in Singapore.

Of course, these rewards come at the price of having to pay a much higher annual fee and earning a minimum income of $4,200 per month to qualify.

Here are the top perks you can expect with the American Express Platinum Credit Card:





Up to 50% discount at selected premium restaurants in Singapore and abroad* 10X reward points for every $1.60 spent at Platinum EXTRA retailers such as Fred Perry, Harvey Norman and Montblanc Complimentary cocktails and 1-for-1 drink specials at some of Singapore’s trendiest barsDiscounted movie tickets at Cathay Cineplexes**Complimentary medium popcorn with the purchase of 2 tickets at Cathay Cineplexes Complimentary green fees at golf clubs in Singapore, Malaysia and IndonesiaComplimentary Boingo membership for free Wi-Fi hotspot use in airports and hotelsPrime Membership to, enabling you to receive free express delivery and discounted insurance on your purchases


* The complimentary 12-month Far Card and Palate membership offers up to 50% discount at premium restaurants in Singapore and abroad through the American Express Selects and Global Dining Program.

** Discounted movie tickets is at $8 for Monday to Thursday and at $10.50 for Friday to Saturday  at Cathay Cineplexes.

One of thing about reward credit cards that most people overlook is how flexible it is to redeem the points accumulated. Certain cards make it easy for the cardholders to accumulate points but very difficult to redeem the points. This can be annoying especially if you see your points expire without getting anything in return.

The AMEX Platinum Credit Card allows you to redeem your reward points for over 200 rewards and the best thing is, the points don’t expire.  

Note: The annual fee of $321 is waived for the first year.

Living the lifestyle of the rich doesn’t have to break your bank. Grab the perks that come with the cards now.

HSBC-Visa Platinum Credit CardHSBC Visa Platinum Credit Card

For those with families, you need a card that provides the best deals on things that you spend the most on. One such card is the HSBC Visa Platinum Credit Card providing cash rebates on all grocery spending, and rebates or discounts on petrol and travel expenses such as hotel bookings, tours and attractions.

This family-friendly rewards credit card is also quite accessible, as you only need a minimum income of $2,500 per month to qualify.

Here are the top perks you can expect with the HSBC Visa Platinum Credit Card:






5% cash back rebate at all grocery stores and supermarkets in Singapore* 14% discount and a 5% cash rebate at Shell and Caltex petrol stations islandwide 5X rewards points & 9% off on hotel bookings, tours and attractions6% cash back on other travel bookings made through the HSBC Vacations Portal. Over 27,000 discounts on retail, dining, health & beauty, and lifestyle purchases made in over 160 countries worldwide** Discounted movie ticket at $7 for Monday to Thursday and $8.50 for Friday to Sunday at all Golden Village cinemas. Up to 2% cash back rebates on dining

* With minimum monthly spend of $800

** Available through the card’s Home & Away Program


Supporting a family can be hard on your finances. It requires careful planning and also taking advantage of the available tools to stretch your dollar. With HSBC Visa Platinum Credit Card, one can save on the necessities and also splurge on entertainment for the family.

Note: The annual fee of $180 is waived for the first two years.

Reward yourself and your family with the right card. Start with the HSBC Visa Platinum Credit Card.

Choosing the right rewards card for you really depends on your lifestyle and spending pattern. You may be a family man but find Citibank Rewards Credit Card work best for you because you travel often. There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to choosing a credit card.

Most people are too preoccupied with the idea of earning reward points, they fail to see the value of each point and what they can use it for. If one is not careful, he or she may be accumulating rewards points along with a huge debt, which render your points — pointless!

If rewards card is not for you, there are still plenty of other credit cards out there to suit your lifestyle and spending habits. Everyone deserves the right card and enjoy the privileges it offers. So, start now and pick the card that you deserve.

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