Top 3 Credit Cards to Meet Your Entertainment Cravings and Maximize Savings


Singapore is one of the most vibrant multi-ethnic financial hubs in South East Asia with a teeming population of enterprising young working professionals. Although the steep costs of living is a tough obstacle to climb, the diverse local and foreign culture has given birth to a mini-mecca of entertainment that makes it impossible for people not to engage in every once in a while.

We all get our recreational cravings and need a sanity checkpoint in our lives to blow off some steam and keep us motivated. There is no bargain for the security of your mental well-being, but you certainly can channel your cravings through your financial savviness by using the right credit cards at the right time.

Today, we will break down the cream of the crops of entertainment credit cards that are guaranteed to make the recreational hours of Singaporeans a financially guilt-free time:

Citibank Rewards Card

The Citibank Rewards Card is a match made in heaven for social butterflies who love to shop and dine out. It is not uncommon to hear someone who loves socialising, complain about his burgeoning bill from eating out way too often. Staying in is not an option, and the next best thing to shave off some of that expenses is through the Citibank Rewards Card.

The benefits you’d get with the card are a lot. Here are some of the best:

  • The human race has been socialising over food and drinks for thousand of years. If you can get up to 50% discount for fine dining at selected hotels in Singapore, you will do it even more often!

  • If you can’t live without coffee, you’ll love to breathe in the scent of this potion even more with 10% discount at participating coffee places.

  • Shopping is one of the best forms of entertainment — for some. Apart from the dining benefits, this Citibank plastic also offers various attractive shopping perks, like S$20 vouchers at 313@Somerset, Wisma Atria, United Square Shopping Mall, Mandarin Gallery and AMK Hub, 16% off at storewide and 20% off on Ezra product, and S$200 off all purchases storewide for Klareti brands!

  • To fund all that dining and shopping, you need to cut down somewhere! And the icing on the cake on the card is the 14% savings on fuel and free weekend parking at Cathay with minimum spending!

Now, spending a day at the mall is not just entertainment but it won’t break your bank!

American Express Platinum Credit Card

The American Express Platinum Credit Card offers you a tool to save while living a lifestyle of a socialite. Brimming with dining and shopping privileges, it also offers a 12-month True Fitness membership for free.

This card doesn’t just rewards the shopaholic in you with attractive reward points, it also offers discount and cash vouchers from participating retailers to let you enjoy your retail therapy without the guilt after.

  • This card is one of the best matches for foodies with up to 50% off selected top restaurants in Singapore, and free Palate membership worth S$457.96 and The Far Card Classic membership worth S$425.

  • You can get 10X points at over 300 Platinum Partner outlets including G2000, Topshop and Harvey Norman, and redeem S$100 TANGS voucher with 19,600 points. That’s S$15,680 spent.

  • Also enjoy free True Fitness membership for 12 months with 6 personal training sessions to work out those muscles!

The American Express Platinum Credit Card is all about pampering you without having to break your bank. From discounted prices for fine dining, to free gym membership, and up to 50% discount on spa services at Adeva Spa to loosen up those muscles.

With this card, there is something for everyone who enjoy a good life.

Citi Clear Platinum Card

The Citibank Clear Platinum Card truly is the golden goose of the entertainment credit card lots in Singapore. It is the best card for multi-purpose entertainment especially for socialites who enjoy dining, movies and clubbing. This full-package credit card even goes the extra mile by offering you petrol rebates in case you run out of gas while party-hopping to the hottest places in town.

Unlike other shady cards that offer discounted schemes, the Citi Clear Platinum card cuts straight to the chase by giving you direct price discounts between 10% and 15% at popular hotspots.

Have a look at some of the “wow” benefits this card offers:

  • Party animals will love this card with free entry to ZOUK from Wednesday to Saturday and Attica. No more long queues — who doesn’t like that?

  • You can get the best deals while shopping online, with 5X Rewards for online shopping!

  • Looking to spend a quiet night with a few friends? Any spending at nightspots like Wala Wala and Beer Garden will be rewarded with 5X points.

Believe it or not, we’re not done yet. In case the shopping bug bites you on your recreational trips, you can even use this credit card to get a 5% discount off at Esso and a 6% markdown on your total bill if your shop at Tangs.

The benefits and privileges listed in the article above are subject to terms and conditions.


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