Top 5 Websites to Help You Find the Perfect Condo to Rent


There are a lot of people living in Singapore and each of us has our own arrangement of accommodation. Some of us own massive houses, some of us live in modesty, some of us have rented out massive condos, some of us have rented out tiny apartments and some of us live in HDB flats.

Our accommodation, our escape from the world, or go-to place – our home – depends on our personalities, the location of the property, and most importantly, our budgets.

This article is for those of us who are looking for their temporary dream homes, and by dream meaning renting out a place within our ideal budget. All of us have our own reasons to choose a certain place – maybe we are vacationing, maybe we have just come for a few months to work, or maybe we simply do not have enough money to buy our own apartments yet.

Whatever the reason may be, the internet will always have an answer to your problems. For Singaporean property hunters, the two default property-focused portals they are familiar with are Property Guru and Easy Roommate. Fortunately, a promising range of dynamic property portals have started flooding the market over the past couple of years and empowered buyers like never before.

Here is a list of the top five websites you can use to find your temporary dream home to rent:

  1. PlaceMatch

PlaceMatch is an online property marketplace that allows owners, agents and tenants to seamlessly connect on one platform and provide an uber-convenient long-term accommodation rental solution. Users can narrow down their condo options by utilizing a host of detailed filters to determine the best property for their money’s worth.

Whether you want to sort property listings on the basis of floor area, number of rooms, region, roommates, recreational facilities, or budget constraints, PlaceMatch ensures that your preferences are met to the tee and only the properties that fulfill your dreams show up.

All relevant listings are presented through the sleek PlaceMatch interface that includes numerous photographs of the condo interiors and neighborhood so that the user can perfectly visualize of their life inside those homes.

PlaceMatch is one of the rare property rental portals that rightly looks at property hunting as a very personal and emotional endeavor, and takes all the right steps to help Singaporeans looking for a place to call home.

  1. 99.CO

99.CO is another home rental website that helps you not just in finding the right home for you, but makes the tedious process of everything associated with the aftermath of finding a home a whole lot easier.

Since their beta launch in May 2014, they have signed 1200 agents and a database of 11,000 property listings has been established.

Using an ingenious and intuitive map-based search system with a heavily vetted high quality listings database to make property hunting for Singaporeans a much safer prospect, 99.CO is a godsend for apartment seekers.

99.CO’s consumer-first approach bids good riddance to the concept of agent-sponsored listings in favor of user-relevant results derived from its unique ListRank algorithm. The search engine leverages the power of data intelligence to consistently refine the search results based on your search history, to help you get the most accurate listings based on your needs.

Users can also narrow down their selections on the basis of factors like amenities, distance from MRT stations, price range, etc.

99.CO provides a fantastic visual experience by providing carefully curated photos, which gives a true and unbiased perspective of what living in the selected condo would be like instead of merely imagining it 

3. FlatsDB

Flats is one of the oldest websites offering the service of finding houses for rent as it has been online since the past ten years. This, however, does not mean that it is old and not as great as the new ones. FlatsDB is a shining example of adapting oneself to the current trends and growing with the times.

Although it has been online since 2003, it retired its old application and was re-launched in May 2013 with a big bang. It provides the information of all rentals, from a single room to a whole house.

4.  Singapore Expats

This site has been especially built for the expatriate community who want long term or short term accommodation. It is a one-stop residential Singapore Property guide, renting procedure and information directory for expatriates living or relocating to Singapore.

It also provides an ‘Expat Forum’ through which the expat community can help each other out by exchanging tips and ideas regarding living in Singapore.

So this was a list of websites that would make house hunting a matter of a few clicks with every specification you might have, from the size of the property to its postal code. Since homes are places where we ideally spend most of our time, it should be nothing less than perfect and these websites are here to make sure that we get much more than what we want, within our budgets! 

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