Fine-Bearing Traffic Offences That You Could Do Without

Fine-Bearing Traffic Offences That You Could Do Without

For those who have a set budget every month, a traffic fine of S$100 or S$200 can cause a big dent and you might have to reach out to your savings account. A fast-depleting savings account may cause you to tighten your budget and will definitely lead to a sleepless night of worries.

The easy way out of these stressful situations is by avoiding traffic offence fines. With the recent increase in parking fines since July 1, Singaporeans have got to stop being careless on the road if they do not want to part with their hard-earned money.

Statistics released by the Singapore Police Force shows that in 2018, red-light running violations increased by 15.7% while red-light accidents increased by 2.6% compared to 2017. Issues such as double parking, turning without warning signals, unauthorised U-turn are still common occurrences on Singapore roads.

Doesn’t it make sense to practice good driving habits on the road to avoid these common traffic offences and keep your hard-earned money in your pocket?

Common traffic offences’ fines for light vehicles*

*Vehicles classified as Class 2B/2A/2, 3C/3/3CA/3A (Examples: motor cars, motorcycles, light goods van, etc.)

Following are the common traffic offenses that Singaporeans are guilty of committing and the fines they incur.

Traffic OffenceFines (S$)
Stopping in a yellow box

Lack of warning signals

Unauthorised U-turn

Not keeping to left while driving 60km/hr
No helmet/Improper wearing of helmet

Not wearing seatbelt

Disobey traffic direction from the authority

·Abreast of another vehicle
·Within pedestrian crossing
·Within Demerit Points No Parking Zone

·In a zebra crossing
·Within a Demerit Points No Stopping Zone
Exceeding the vehicular and road speed limit by 21-30km/hr

Driving on the shoulder of expressways

Driving or riding against the traffic flow

Reversing unnecessarily on expressways

Careless driving
Exceeding the vehicular and road speed limit by 31-40km/hr

Driving without consideration for other road users
Not obeying traffic light signals400
Using mobile communication devices while driving1st offence: Fine not exceeding S$1000 or imprisonment of up to 6 months or both

2nd offence: Fine not exceeding S$2000 or imprisonment of up to 12 months or both

While there are offences that results in demerit points only or comes with the fine as well as offences that can lead to prosecution in court, the above are some of the mindless and common traffic offences that many Singaporeans commit on a daily basis. For full list of traffic offences and their fines, visit the Singapore Police Force website.

How much money can you lose due to recklessness?

Let’s say you try to make it through the traffic light but you fail, you are going to pay S$400.

While planning for the weekend you forgot the signal before making a turn, you will have to pay S$100.

If you forgot to note if there was a U-turn signal before making an unauthorised U-turn, you will have to fork out another S$100.

That’s a whopping S$600 for your traffic offences.

What are some of the ways you can spend this S$600?


You can plan a weekend getaway to Batam and enjoy the cheap shopping, authentic Balinese massage, and delicious local food.
You can fly to Malaysia: KL, Penang and Langkawi as well as Thailand: Bangkok and Phuket.
You can buy 4 2-day combo tickets to Legoland Malaysia.
Shopping to your heart’s content at GSS: Experience Singapore till 28 July 2019.
Invest in robo advisors in Singapore as the minimum initial investment some companies require is well below S$600.
Top up a few more hundreds and start your investment portfolio.

Here’s wishing our readers who drive a safe driving journey ahead!

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