Travel Insurance Packages and Options in Singapore

The most complicated thing to do is to select which travel insurance is a best fit for your exigencies

The most complicated thing to do is to select which travel insurance is a best fit for your exigencies. This is so because there are lots of travel insurance packages and options available in Singapore. Thus, it is essential to spend some time in considering and evaluating these options by making a list of the benefits and the coverage you wish to have from a travel insurance. Some of the benefits include reimbursement for lost or stolen luggage, medical expenses, travel delays and others. Obviously, the more benefits or protection you desire, the more you have to pay. Here are some essential points to help you make the appropriate choice pertaining to travel insurances.


You have to examine all the terms and conditions defined in relation to age criteria, travel type and your selected period of travel.

Active Insurance Policies

In case you have an active insurance package such as a medical insurance, verify if this is also applicable or if it covers emergency situations abroad. Take note that you will have the opportunity to be paid only once, even though you’ve got multiple insurance policies.

Excellent Network with Foreign Associates

Be sure that the insurance company you opt for has an excellent network all over the world. This is an essential element because the insurance company should be able to provide assistance in the country in which you are situated. Thus, a travel insurance company with an excellent network connection will have all the facilities required to help in whatever type of emergencies.

Emergency Support

Verify and ascertain that the insurance company can provide you with emergency assistance and support. Furthermore, make sure that you have the possibility to contact them at whatever day and time.  Inquire if a 24 hour emergency service is available for you to avail of.

Exclusion Clauses

It is imperative that you examine and comprehend all the exclusion clauses of your travel insurance policy. Exclusion clauses are simply events which your insurer will not cover or will not pay compensation for.  For instance, death by suicide is not covered by your insurance company. In addition, verify if there are any places, actions or activities that are excluded from your insurance policy.

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