Types of Investor Personality in Singapore

Have you ever wondered what’s your investor personality? As you can easily observe, some investors are naturally cheerful and positive while others are extraordinarily sceptical, dubious and hesitant about everything. There is nothing wrong with the former and the latter. Individuals differ a lot in their concept of investments and how they would like to go on with it. But depending on the kind of individual you are, there may be a particular type of investments that may well fit you. Below are the usual types of investor personality in Singapore.


Watchful and always on the look-out investors demonstrate a strong inclination for certainty and financial security. They rather favour safety instead of risk, sureness against doubts. Usually, they are inclined not to make their own investment choices and objectives, but, at the same time, they decline or are not available for professional advice.  This incapacity to make choices and decisions can most often lead to missed opportunities. And once watchful investors happen to opt for a certain  investment, they rarely modify this or make the necessary adjustments to their portfolio structure.


Organised investors are often seen as ultra-methodical and procedure-driven thinkers. They can be very resourceful and patient in doing investment research and most often spend a lot of time gathering data and all types of financial reports. These investors are inclined to be very conservative and may often base their investment decisions and objectives on facts instead of sensations. Organised investors can’t seem to make decisions evenly,  and, as a consequence, can sometimes be sluggish to take action in the presence of new information or events.


Self-centred investors are persons that are sure and convinced in their investment talent and capacities. They often carry out their own exclusive research and set up their own investment choices, decisions and objectives. Nevertheless, before uncertainties and financial stress, they will usually concentrate all their energy and time to find the most fitting solutions. Self-centred investors hardly ever regret choices they undertake and are always confident in achieving their long term objectives.


Impulsive investors tend to vary or alter their minds easily and are constantly modifying the structure of their investment portfolios. They react immediately to evolving market conditions and are uneasy when they are not involved in some kind of activity. Thus, impulsive investors are most often the victims of the latest tales, stories or speculations. They are also predisposed to sustain elevated cost from incessant modifications in investments.

Important Observations

It is plain and simple to verify your personality type.  If you are uncertain about it, a simple online test may facilitate you in disclosing it.

As soon as you get to know the personality group you belong to, you’ll have more opportunities to steer clear of decisions and choices that would make you feel unhappy or uncomfortable.

For instance, watchful investors are inclined to prefer bond investments and cash because of the certainty or security it offer, while impulsive investors would normally stay away from such investments since certainty is a reality they have never ever known.

So what kind of personality type do you belong to?

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