How Do You Know When It’s Time To Upgrade Your Business Broadband?

How Do You Know When It’s Time To Upgrade Your Business Broadband?



Singapore tops the digital transformation ranking in Asia in part because its businesses are able to “adopt and benefit from digital technology available in the market”. In order to stay competitive, your business needs to be able to leverage on digital technologies such as data analytics and cloud computing to improve productivity.

Companies that adapt to digital disruption and adopt measures to be on par with the trend will stay relevant while those that lack the means to leverage on digital technologies face the prospect of being overlooked by customers. Digital technologies enable the optimisation of operations as well as the transformation of products and business models.

It is safe to say that without the Internet, a business will be long gone from the race. Hence, it is of extreme importance that companies keep updating their office infrastructure and this includes broadband.

Here are 3 signs your business broadband needs an upgrade:

1. When day-to-day business operations are affected

Given the fact that your organisation’s internet access directly impacts your business operations and consequently, affects revenue, it is vital to identify the possible threats to your daily business operations.

  • A delay in connectivity can result in a huge accumulated amount of time wasted

For instance, if just 5% of the workday is wasted due to delays in connectivity, that’s 24 minutes wasted per employee each day. Multiply that across 50 employees, and you could be losing 18 productive days a month due to slow connectivity.

  • An interruption in connectivity also means restricted access to online data backup

Adapting to digital technologies also comes with being ahead of the threats that comes with it. Cyber threats, human error and on-site mishaps are potential threats to your data. Securing your data by uploading your data to the cloud is one of the strategies and one that needs fast and steady Internet connection at all times.

  • Limited collaborations due to intermittent Internet connection

A stable Internet connection enhances communication and data transfer among your employees. As a growing business, it would be best if your employees need not waste time and resources to find alternative ways they can communicate with each other or to clients.

A simple solution to these issues can be brought about by Singtel Fibre Broadband Plus. By adding a second Internet connection to your existing one, you will gain access to speedier performance and coupled with the right networking hardware, wider WiFi coverage. The added access comes with an isolated network whereby traffic on one network will not impact the other, making way for less interruptions to communications.

2. When there are WiFi dead spots

Do your employees avoid certain areas of the office because of bad WiFi connectivity? Or worse, some employees are positioned at places where the connection is always slow? WiFi dead spots can happen due to a few reasons:

  • Your router’s signal may not be strong enough to reach the whole office.
  • Its signal could be weakened by the interference of other wireless devices (like cordless phones, speakers or headsets), or by nearby structural obstacles like concrete walls and metal.

A popular solution to get rid of WiFi dead spots is to install WiFi extenders, which repeats your router’s wireless signal to expand its coverage. However, WiFi extenders rebroadcast signals as separate networks, so your employees will need to manually switch to the strongest WiFi network.

Extenders are also half-duplex devices, which means that they cannot send and receive information at the same time – this halves the potential speed of every device connecting to it.

A better alternative is to upgrade to a mesh system such as Singtel Wifi Mesh. This system relies on a main router and a series of mesh units that extends WiFi coverage to the entire office. As they operate on a single network, mesh systems are completely seamless and easy to set up. Employees will automatically be connected to the nearest mesh unit as they move around the office. Mesh units can also send and receive information simultaneously, so they won’t limit the potential speed of internet access.

3. When you need two connections for your business

Do you offer free WiFi to your guests? Whether you run a café, a spa, or a hotel, offering free WiFi can boost business revenue through a couple of ways:

  • Increased foot traffic.

Some customers filter businesses by availability of internet access – in fact, almost 60% of shoppers demand in-store WiFi. You don’t want your business to be overlooked.

  • More time spent on your premises.

Offering WiFi access gives customers incentive to stay longer, encouraging them to spend more. Online commerce platform Shopify reported that 62% of businesses that provide free WiFi discover that their customers stay longer, citing a Devicescape survey.

As such, your existing network will be burdened as you keep on expanding on par with the needs of your business. Separating critical and non-critical business applications will be a smarter move compared to adding to your existing network. Singtel Fibre Broadband Plus provides your business the opportunity to opt for a second network and segregating your business applications.

Providing a second network to your guest also means you would not have to sacrifice the speed for both the networks. Your guest network as well as your office network will be running at maximum speed.

More importantly, when you separate your network, you will be reducing the chances of malware attacks and online threats damaging your office network. This makes the management of the networks easy and efficient.

Singtel Broadband Plus is also a cheaper alternative to load balancing. The top-up cost for the second network for general use or guest WiFi comes with an affordable price tag and is budget-friendly.

Upgrading your broadband can enhance your business operations

Getting a broadband plan that meets your business needs shouldn’t be considered an expense but an investment. After all, a reliable high-speed connection can help you improve productivity, scale your business and remain competitive in this digital world. The cost of better broadband is minimal compared to the potential increase in revenue it can generate.

Whether you’re looking to offer a dedicated broadband line to customers, upgrade your broadband speed or improve WiFi coverage in the office, Singtel Business Broadband offers a range of plans to suit your business needs. For more information, contact us now.



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