Usual Travel Insurance Coverage Plan in Singapore

So what does a travel insurance usually cover?

In this day and age, a travel insurance is the proper solution to all your travel apprehensions and needs. The principal motivation for getting a travel insurance is to assist you and to facilitate you in times of emergencies, regardless of their nature.  Normally, the price of a travel insurance in Singapore depends on your age, duration of travel and destination. The coverage and benefits of travel insurances can also diverge and vary among insurance companies.  Furthermore, particular exclusions are also defined in your travel insurance policy.

At this point you might be asking, “so what does a travel insurance usually cover?”  The following outline will give you a complete notion of the events and circumstances a good travel insurance may cover.

  • Personal Mishaps and Medical Payments: A good travel insurance grants you the benefit of monetary reimbursements for personal mishaps or accidents sustained by you during your vacation. These may embrace severe injuries and accidental deaths. Keep in mind that risks of food poisoning or other ailments are much more elevated when you are out of the country and are exposed to a totally new ambiance. Thus, a travel insurance can shield you from eventual and costly medical charges abroad.
  • Travel Cancellations and Delay: These are applicable to abrupt and unexpected flight cancellations or travel delays because of circumstances that are beyond your control.  For instance, if your flight gets delayed for some hours, you may start a claim payment process for the inconvenience you have experienced or for any hotel or accommodation expenses you have sustained.
  • Lost or Stolen Luggage: Most often, in some occasions it is not enough to be resourceful or to be on guard for whatever type of emergencies. It may happen that your luggage or other personal belongings get lost or stolen. A travel insurance normally gives you monetary compensation for this type of losses and facilitates you with the lengthy bureaucratic process involved, which can become confusing, deflating and frustrating when you are abroad.
  • Repatriation:  You may not know how to cope up with repatriation and all the formalities that go with it in the event a traveller dies abroad. Nevertheless, with a travel insurance you will be released from such a complicated undertaking. It will be the travel insurance company that will handle all the complexities and hassles of the whole repatriation procedure.

As a conclusion, a travel insurance package can grant you and your loved ones not only peace of mind, protection from the unexpected, but most of all it provides you with all financial assistance in times of need: a very important aspect to consider specially when you are distant from home.

However, before opting for a travel insurance policy, explore, examine and compare all the options and packages available in Singapore to be sure you are appropriately covered. Furthermore, take particular attention of all the exclusion clauses, which specify events, activities or things that are not covered by your travel insurance policy.  Choose your best travel insurance,be proactive, informed and alert when you are travelling abroad.

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