Valentine’s Day Ideas that Save Your Money


Depending on your status and your philosophical stance on life, Valentine’s Day can be an absolutely romantic day, or quite possibly the worst day of the year. Try as you may, it’s nearly impossible to escape the commercial clutches of Valentine’s Day, especially when every one insists that love is in the air but you don’t feel it in your pocket.

So what can you do to celebrate when it feels like the entire world is conspiring to get a big fat chunk of your wallet? Well, it turns out, plenty.

Ditch the fancy outfit

V Day does not mean a suit and a tie or a fancy long chic dress. You can still have those romantic dates that you see on the films by putting on a simple pair of trousers with a neat shirt or you can simple rock a tee with a pair of skinny jeans. Remember, a little variety would not hurt anyone.

Just bare in mind that a simple outfit may be quite expensive too. Try getting affordable outfits that looks expensive and that would actually last long. Try going on a shopping spree at places like Lucky Plaza, Anchorpoint Shopping Centre or Far East Plaza. You will be enjoying great deals and it is a huge plus if you swipe any of your credit cards that allows you to earn reward points on shopping. By doing so, you not only purchase a whole new look for yourself but will also be able to redeem points or free gifts from banks for you to gift your partner in the future.


Cheap dinner that doesn’t look cheap

Does your V Day dinner date ritual consist of frantically Googling for the most romantic restaurants in Singapore, finding out they have ridiculously expensive Valentine’s Day menus, but you go anyway and realise that your dreaded ex is seated at the table beside you?

What a nightmare.

This V Day, charm your partner with sincerity and old-school romance. Cook. Make a meal, simple or lavish. Add special touches to your home, such as candles and pretty lights, so it doesn’t feel too much like a regular stay-home evening.

You’d probably save quite a bit, and make your partner swoon with your heart-filled gesture.  Remember to use that cashback credit card when you go grocery shopping to enjoy even more savings.

If your partner still insists on a fancy V Day dinner, then you should probably search for a great restaurant that allows you to enjoy great privileges from a credit card. With Citibank DIVIDEND Card you will be treating your partner with a great dinner and also be treating yourself up to 8% cashback on all dining.


Find the Flower Replacement

Contrary to popular belief, the greatest division during Valentine’s Day is not Couples Vs Singles, bus Florists Vs the rest of the world.  A “cheap” bouquet costs about $35, and a lush bouquet of roses can easily set you back more than $100.

If you don’t want to blow that kind of money on something that barely lasts, then it’s time to get crafty. Pun unintended.  How about making a DIY bouquet of origami flowers or cranes? It sure takes time, but with a couple of Youtube videos and clumsy first attempts, you’d be on your way to creating something artistic, heart-felt, and long lasting.  Think of it as a skill you acquire not just for one Valentine’s Day, but also for the many years to come.

Another possibly hipster alternative is to give a pretty potted plant to be nurtured by your environmentally conscious partner, or even a bouquet of exotic fresh herbs for the one who knows how to turn it into a delicious affair.

Share the love-volunteer!

The best way to celebrate love is to share it.   Whether you’re single or coupled, you can always share the joy and warmth of life and love by giving a helping hand to those in need. If you have never volunteered before, or if the last time you ever did was when you were young and compassionate, then now’s the best time to start all over again.

There are a number of places you can volunteer at.  Try SG Cares, a portal that helps you search for an organisation.  Who knows, you may just discover a life-long and fulfilling passion for volunteering!

Discover a new place, take a new class

You don’t need a partner to try out something new or to explore strange and offbeat places.  If you’re feeling stuck in a rut or are getting a wee bit tired of the mundane, then make Valentine’s Day your day to rekindle your love for life.

Sign up for a dance class with your significant other, alone, or with friends.  Explore a park you’ve never been to.  Play that escape game you’ve always wanted to try. Whatever it is, you can make V Day the day that you stop procrastinating on the little things that you’ve always parked somewhere on your list of Things To Do.

See art, do art

Feed your soul a little by getting in touch with your artistic side, even if you barely have one.  Singapore’s art scene is getting livelier, which means there’s more to see, and more opportunities to get your hands involved.

Visit the new National Gallery, the Singapore Art Museum, and the Museum of Contemporary Arts.  Or, go ahead and get creative!  Check out the Goodman Arts Centre and sign up for a class in ceramics, perfume-making, and even digital arts.

Get fit creatively

So you’ve basically parked your Get Fit resolution because of, well, feasting for New Year, Chinese New Year, and the list goes on.  Show love for your health and wellbeing by taking care of your body.  Whether you’re single or have someone special, it’s time to get that resolution right on top of the list.  But, it’s not just about hitting the gym in the same old boring way.

Try out new workouts to add some element of play back into your fitness regime. Sign up for classes like Acroyoga, Pole Fitness, and Capoeira to get a whole new understanding to what it means to work things out together.

Valentine’s Day isn’t just about romance, but true love for yourself and the people around you.  And, that’s not measured by the cost of your staycation nor the price tag of your bouquet. Try out these novel ideas that won’t break the bank, for V Day and beyond!

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