Where To Buy Mooncakes In Johor Bahru?

Where To Buy Mooncakes In Johor Bahru?

The Mid-Autumn Festival is just around the corner, which means that it’s once again time to indulge in mooncakes.

However, these little calorie bombs don’t just take a hit on your waistline – they’re pretty pricey as well. A piece of mooncake can cost upwards of S$12, so if you can finish a whole mooncake in a single seating (or worse, have ravenous relatives coming over to visit), you might be racking up a huge food bill this season.

A more cost-effective way to celebrate the gastronomic pleasures of Mooncake Festival is to head over to Johor Bahru, where your Singaporean dollar can stretch a lot further. Here are 8 places you can get your mooncake fix this year:

1. Kam Lun Tai

Kam Lun Tai doesn’t have a standalone shop, but you can find them in participating retail outlets across Malaysia. While their gift sets aren’t exactly cheap, their Moon Palace Premium Gift Set (RM135.68 / S$44.87) and Classic Premium Gift Set (RM188 / S$62.18) offer designs that are more reminiscent of a tastefully-made cosmetics drawer, rather than a regular gift box.

Lotus PasteBakedRM72 / 4 pcs
Lotus 1 YolkBakedRM76 / 4 pcs
HK White Lotus 1 YolkBakedRM80 / 4 pcs
Golden JadeBakedRM74 / 4 pcs
Golden Jade 1 YolkBakedRM78 / 4 pcs
Golden Jade Light 1 YolkBakedRM78 / 4 pcs
Black Sesame Lotus 1 YolkBakedRM78 / 4 pcs
Shanghai 1 YolkBakedRM80 / 4 pcs
Red Bean PasteBakedRM56 / 4 pcs
Durian PearlBakedRM78 / 4 pcs
Black Sesame Bamboo Charcoal 1 YolkBakedRM78 / 4 pcs
Ginseng MedlarBakedRM78 / 4 pcs
No Cane Sugar Added White Lotus 1 YolkBakedRM84 / 4 pcs
Red Pitaya Durian PearlBakedRM78 / 4 pcs
HK White Lotus Chinese ChestnutBakedRM84 / 4 pcs
Crystalline MangoSnow skinRM78 / 4 pcs
Crystalline Honey DewSnow skinRM78 / 4 pcs
Crystalline Lotus 1 Yolk (Pandan)Snow skinRM76 / 4 pcs
Crystalline Golden Jade 1 Yolk (Pandan)Snow skinRM78 / 4 pcs
Crystalline Matcha Red BeanSnow skinRM78 / 4 pcs
Twin Rabbit SetGift setRM103.80 / 4pcs
Moon Palace Premium Gift SetGift setRM135.68 / 5 pcs
Classic Premium Gift SetGift setRM188 / 6 pcs

2. Lavender

At RM13.50 (S$4.46) to RM18 (S$5.95) a mooncake, Lavender offers more affordable mooncakes than the other places on this list. Their gift sets come in very plain packaging, but at only RM45 (S$14.88) for the cheapest gift set, it’s hard to complain.

Pure Red LotusBakedRM15.50 / pc
Single Yolk Red LotusBakedRM16.50 / pc
Double Yolk Red LotusBakedRM17.50 / pc
Golden JadeBakedRM15.50 / pc
Single Yolk Golden JadeBakedRM16.50 / pc
Double Yolk Golden JadeBakedRM17.50 / pc
White LotusBakedRM15.50 / pc
Single Yolk White LotusBakedRM16.50 / pc
Double Yolk White LotusBakedRM17.50 / pc
Red BeanBakedRM13.50 / pc
Green Tea LotusBakedRM16.50 / pc
Durian LotusBakedRM16 / pc
Reduced Sugar White LotusBakedRM17 / pc
White Lotus Egg Yolk Bamboo CharcoalBakedRM17 / pc
Traditional Mixed NutsBakedRM18 / pc
White Lotus Banana Snow SkinSnow skinRM15.50 / pc
Single Yolk White Lotus Banana Snow SkinSnow skinRM16.50 / pc
Golden Jade Pandan Snow SkinSnow skinRM15.50 / pc
Single Yolk Golden Jade Pandan Snow SkinSnow skinRM16.50 / pc
Red Lotus Strawberry Snow SkinSnow skinRM15.50 / pc
Green Tea Lotus Snow SkinSnow skinRM16.50 / pc
Chocolate White Bean Snow SkinSnow skinRM16.50 / pc
Durian Lotus Snow SkinSnow skinRM16 / pc
Red Bean Orange Snow SkinSnow skinRM13.50 / pc
Single Yolk Yam Snow SkinSnow skinRM17 / pc
White Lotus Egg Yolk Bamboo Charcoal Snow SkinSnow skinRM17 / pc
Treasure Gift PackGift setRM45 / 8 pcs
Custard MooncakeGift setRM68 / 8 pcs
Durian Lava MooncakeGift setRM68 / 8 pcs
Custard Lava MooncakeGift setRM68 / 8 pcs

3. Season Confectionary and Bakery

Season Confectionary and Bakery has an impressive range of mooncakes. Their lotus mooncakes come in vegetarian, or no-cane-sugar, or even decadent 4-yolk varieties. Snow skin mooncake aficionados will want to check out their catalogue as well, as they offer interesting flavours like orange peel, mango and taro red bean.

Black SesameBakedRM16.75 / pc
1 Yolk Custard JadeBakedRM18 / pc
Longan Black DatesBakedRM17.25 / pc
1 Yolk Lin Yoong Bamboo CharcoalBakedRM17.50 / pc
1 Yolk Shanghai White Lin YoongBakedRM17.75 / pc
4 Yolk Lin YoongBakedRM21.75 / pc
2 Yolk Lin YoongBakedRM18 / pc
1 Yolk Lin YoongBakedRM17 / pc
Pure Lin YoongBakedRM16 / pc
Mixed NutsBakedRM19 / pc
Mocha Coffee Chocolate ChipBakedRM16.75 / pc
Red Bean PasteBakedRM13 / pc
Vegetarian Lin YoongBakedRM16 / pc
1 Yolk Golden JadeBakedRM17 / pc
Pure Golden JadeBakedRM16 / pc
1 Yolk White Lin YoongBakedRM17.25 / pc
Pure White Lin YoongBakedRM16 / pc
2 Yolk White Lin YoongBakedRM18.25 / pc
No Cane Sugar White Lin YoongBakedRM17.50 / pc
1 Yolk No Cane Sugar White Lin YoongBakedRM18.50 / pc
Green Tea Lin YoongBakedRM16.75 / pc
Taro Red BeanBakedRM17.25 / pc
Momoyama – Green Tea Red BeanBakedRM16.75 / pc
Momoyama – Jade with CustardBakedRM16.75 / pc
Snow Skin Orange PeelSnow skinRM17 / pc
Chocolate Lin Yoong With White ChocolateSnow skinRM17.75 / pc
2 Yolk Pandan Snow SkinSnow skinRM18 / pc
Snow Skin Strawberry CranberrySnow skinRM17.25 / pc
Pandan Snow Skin Lin YoongSnow skinRM16 / pc
Snow Skin Mango PasteSnow skinRM16.75 / pc
Snow Skin DurianSnow skinRM22.50 / pc
Snow Skin Pandan Red BeanSnow skinRM13 / pc
1 Yolk Yam Paste Snow SkinSnow skinRM18.50 / pc
1 Yolk Snow Skin Golden JadeSnow skinRM17 / pc
1 Yolk Snow Skin White Lin YoongSnow skinRM17.25 / pc
Green Tea Snow Skin Yin LoongSnow skinRM16.75 / pc
Snow Skin Taro Red BeanSnow skinRM17.25 / pc
Snow Skin Black SesameSnow skinRM16.75 / pc

4. The Baker’s Cottage

If you’re after truly unique flavours, check out The Baker’s Cottage. Besides the usual lotus or red bean offerings, The Baker’s Cottage sells mooncakes like the Tiramisu, a coffee-infused lotus paste-based mooncake with a Mascarpone cheese centre, or the Cheese Chocolate Oreo, which has a cheesy chocolate Oreo core encased in layers of chocolate.

Green Tea CranberryBakedRM19.10 / pc
TiramisuBakedRM19.70 / pc
Cheesy Chocolate OreoBakedRM19.70 / pc
Flaming EmeraldBakedRM19.70 / pc
Pure LotusBakedRM18 / pc
Pure Lotus Single YolkBakedRM19.10 / pc
Pure Lotus Double YolkBakedRM21.20 / pc
Low Sugar White LotusBakedRM18.70 / pc
Low Sugar White Lotus Single YolkBakedRM19.80 / pc
Supreme Mixed NutsBakedRM23.30 / pc
Precious BlackBakedRM19.70 / pc
Pandan LotusBakedRM18 / pc
Pearl of ProsperityBakedRM19.60 / pc
Mixed NutsBakedRM19.60 / pc
Red BeanBakedRM13.80 / pc
Pearl of HarmonyBakedRM19.60 / pc
Low Sugar White Lotus Single YolkSnow skinRM21.20 / pc
Signature YamSnow skinRM21.20 / pc
TiramisuSnow skinRM21.20 / pc
Peachy MangoSnow skinRM21.20 / pc
Dark Chocolate TruffleSnow skinRM21.20 / pc
Mini Musang KingSnow skinRM31.10 / pc
Ultimate Musang KingSnow skinRM34.90 / pc
2018 Harmony Premium Gift SetGift setRM131.90 / 4 pcs
2018 Happiness Premium Gift SetGift setRM141.30 / 4 pcs

5. Yong Sheng Confectionary

Yong Sheng offers unique flavours with a local twist. If you need something to cut through the silence during awkward family gatherings, their Nyonya Delight mooncake is a combination of sambal paste, Nyonya spices and lotus paste that’s bound to be a conversation piece.

Nyonya DelightBakedRM83.20 / 4 pcs
Sunrise HorizonBakedRM45.60 / 2 pcs
Auspicious MooncakeBakedRM39.60 /2 pcs
Double Yolk White LotusBakedRM45.60 / 2 pcs
Durian MooncakeBakedRM45.60 / 2 pcs
Ginkgo Black SesameBakedRM79.20 / 2 pcs
Green Tea MooncakeBakedRM83.20 / 2 pcs
Honey Salted Egg Lava MooncakeBakedRM83.20 / 4 pcs
Jade MooncakeBakedRM83.20 / 4 pcs
Mixed Fruits NutBakedRM79.20 / 4 pcs
Pearl in JadeBakedRM75.20 / 4 pcs
Feast of Autumn SetGift setRM118.00 / 8 pcs

6. Dragon-i Restaurant

At the pricier end of the mooncake spectrum, Dragon-i offers mooncakes that can go up to RM28.50 (S$9.43) a piece. However, if you’re looking for a presentable gift set, Dragon-i offers affordable (starting from RM87 / S$28.77) yet handsome octagonal boxes that are made with burgundy fabrics. In every box, each of the four mooncakes is packed in individual lotus wraps.

White Lotus Paste with Single Yolk and Pine NutsBakedRM28.50 / pc
Tianjing Chestnuts PasteBakedRM26.50 / pc
Hong Kong White Lotus PasteBakedRM22.50 / pc
Hong Kong White Lotus Paste with Single YolkBakedRM23 / pc
Hong Kong White Lotus Paste with Double YolkBakedRM24.50 / pc
Classic Jade Pandan Paste with Single YolkBakedRM23 / pc
Green Tea Lotus Paste with Japanese Red BeanBakedRM23 / pc
Exotic Mixed Fruits & NutsBakedRM24.50 / pc
Premium Japanese Red Bean PasteBakedRM18 / pc
Dragon-i SignatureBakedRM23.50 / pc
Frosty Lava Sesame with HazelnutSnow skinRM28 / 2 pcs
Frosty Japanese Green Tea with Red BeanSnow skinRM28 / 2 pcs
Frosty Durian Musang KingSnow skinRM36 / 2 pcs
Frosty Coffee with OreoSnow skinRM28 / 2 pcs
Gift SetRM87 – RM104 / 4 pcs

7. SDS Bakery & Cafe

SDS Bakery & Cafe doesn’t have much of a range when it comes to mooncakes, and it doesn’t offer individual mooncakes for sale, but it may still be worth a visit if you’re looking for gift-worthy mooncake sets.

The Twelve Treasures

- Mini Vegetarian White Lotus Mooncake x 2
- Mini Yolk Golden Jade Mooncake x 2
- Mini Ginseng Bamboo Charcoal Mooncake x 2
- Mini Green Tea Red Bean Lotus Mooncake x 2
- Mini 1 Yolk White Lotus Mooncake x 2
- Mini Red Bean Mooncake x 2
Gift setRM138 / 12 mini pcs
The Blissful Reunion

- Ginseng Bamboo Charcoal Mooncake
- Divine Moon Yolk Mooncake
- Green Tea Red Bean Lotus Mooncake
- Galaxy Black Mooncake
- Pearl Mooncake
- 1 Yolk White Lotus Mooncake
- Golden Jade Mooncake
- White Lotus Mooncake
Gift setRM192 / 8 pcs
The Rippling Autumn

- Ginseng Bamboo Charcoal Mooncake
- Divine Moon Yolk Mooncake
- Golden Moon Jade Mooncake
- 2 Yolks White Lotus Mooncake
Gift setRM106 / 4 pcs
Kingu Dorian YukiGift setRM128 / 4 pcs

8. Starbucks

RM148 might seem a bit steep for a set of only four mooncakes, but the Starbucks gift set also includes a limited-edition teapot and two stackable mugs. From August 28 to October 30, you can also get a Starbucks Carrier Tote Bag for free when you activate or reload RM150 into your Starbucks Card.

Moon Cake set

- Low Sugar White Lotus with Yolk
- Mixed nuts
- Green Tea Key Lime
- Roselle Blueberry
- Teapot and 2 stackable mugs
Gift setRM148 / 4 pcs

Making the most out of your visit

If you’re making a trip across the causeway to pick up some mooncakes, make sure you check out these other items that are also cheaper to buy in Johor Bahru. Don’t forget to take into account how much it would cost for you to travel to JB as well – you’ll want to make sure that your savings outweigh the costs of transportation.

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